I Live With POPD

December 22, 2017 Opinions4all 0

I Live With POPD The holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve all packed so close together can create a mountain of stress and anxiety for many people.  Easy flexible people will weather [Read More…]


Solar Eclipse 2017

August 19, 2017 Opinions4all 0

Solar Eclipse 2017 You are on page 1/3. Monday, August 21, 2017, North America will witness a solar eclipse.  The path of totality will cross parts of Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, [Read More…]


Lego Robotic Competition

December 13, 2016 Opinions4all 0

Lego Robotic Competition I volunteered to help out at a robot competition in Dallas.  My first and last time to help out at a competition!  Behavior by some teams was shocking!  Other teams were so [Read More…]


Neverland Ranch In Ruins

December 2, 2016 Opinions4all 0

Neverland Ranch In Ruins You are on page 1/2. The late Michael Jackson purchased a scenic 2,700- acre ranch in 1987.  He lived there until 2003.  Jackson left the property after authorities raided the house [Read More…]


The Life Of A Retail Worker

December 1, 2016 Opinions4all 0

The Life Of A Retail Worker You are on page 1/2. Retail workers are needed and in demand by our society.  People shop for food, cars, houses, clothes, toys and electronics.  Everything!  The retail I [Read More…]


Abandoned For Good

November 29, 2016 Opinions4all 0

Abandoned For Good You are on page 1/2. Abandoned places spark a curiosity in everyone.  What happened to the people who lived there?  Why did they leave?  Why is the place abandoned?  These are questions [Read More…]


Charter Schools Failing?

November 18, 2016 Opinions4all 0

Charter Schools Failing? Charter schools have been around for several years.  At first, the educational community was reluctant to accept them as being “real” schools.  As the pressure from parents became stronger, many school districts [Read More…]