Adult Color Books

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Adult Color Books Image SpirographAdult Color Books

Locked up adults during COVID made adult coloring books extremely popular among people looking to de-stress and relax. Providing a creative outlet to explore and express your artistic talents, the art of color booking is one that can be enjoyed at any age. With the rise of this trend, brands have begun to release collections of adult color books tailored specifically for adults.

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Calming Effects of Coloring

Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore; adults are discovering the calming affects that coloring can bring. Even when we seem too old to be coloring, it turns out that this beloved activity has some serious therapeutic benefits!

Map Colors Pencil ImageStudies show that taking time to color can slow down the heart rate and breathing, allowing us to relax our bodies and minds. Focusing on something creative takes away from thinking about our worries – it also helps boost serotonin levels which can improve moods. Whether you’re an experienced artist or a complete beginner, there’s no need for worry or judgement when it comes to adult coloring books; they are a great way for all of us to de-stress and find a sense of peace in our daily lives.

Why Adults Like to Color

Art PensThere are many reasons why adults like to color, from the therapeutic benefits associated with mindful activities to the sheer joy of creating something unique and artistic.

The Adult Color Book provides hundreds of pages full of intricate designs, offering plenty of opportunities for creativity. Coloring requires focus and concentration which helps to reduce stress levels by blocking out worries and anxieties about life’s responsibilities. Studies have suggested that coloring can help improve moods by providing a space for meditation and reflection on positive thoughts.

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Johanna Basford Color Books

Johanna Basford Coloring Books ImageOne brand, Johanna Basford’s adult color books, grownups can now experience and enjoy the relaxation that comes with coloring in intricate designs. Johanna Basford is an illustrator who has created a line of beautiful adult color books full of detailed drawings and patterns that are just waiting to be filled in with color.

The range of illustrations include intricate foliage, animals and landscapes as well as more abstract shapes and designs. With these books you don’t have to be an artist or even draw well – all you need is a set of colored pencils or pens. Johanna Basford’s adult color books provide hours upon hours of creative fun for those aged 8-80!  You can pick up a copy or two on Amazon.

Adult Color Books from TV shows and Movies

Adult color books from favorite movie or TV show are the perfect way to show your love for the stories and characters you’ve grown to adore. Whether it’s a classic like Star Wars, Harry Potter or Game of Thrones, you can now relive those cherished moments through beautiful drawings that bring the characters and scenes to life. Now with adult coloring books devoted to some of our favorite movies and shows, we can express our creativity while also exploring intricate details in these beloved tales. You’ll find beautifully drawn images inspired by popular films, television series, video games and more that will inspire your artistic endeavors! With a variety of designs ranging from easy-to-color outlines to complex patterns filled with symbols or words, these coloring books provide hours of entertainment for all ages.Harry Potter Coloring Book Image

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Buy One or Two

The best part about adult color books is that anyone can use them! All you need is a set of colored pencils or markers and some paper. Adults can find designs that appeal to their individual interests, from abstract designs to intricate mandalas. Coloring also helps adults sharpen fine motor skills, develop hand-eye coordination, and practice mindfulness through repetition. Additionally, since it’s a solitary activity it allows for quiet time away from technology; something we all could use more of!Star Wars Coloring Book Image

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