Quick And Easy Breakfast Ideas

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This post was originally published on February 20, 2023
The latest update to this post was made 1 year ago.

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Waffle Egg Bacon & CheeseQuick And Easy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is an important meal of the day, but who has time to make a healthy breakfast in the morning? Whether you’re a busy parent, a college student or adult running to a job, many people find themselves scrambling to make something quick and easy for breakfast. But fear not, here we will provide some delicious recipes and breakfast ideas that are ideal for those short on time.

Why Breakfast is important

Eating breakfast is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. This nutritious meal gives you the energy to face your day and helps keep your focus sharp throughout the morning. For those with busy lifestyles, quick and easy breakfasts are essential for making sure that we start off our days on the right foot. Here’s a guide to some of the best quick and easy breakfasts for work and school, so you can make sure you get a nutritious meal before heading out into the world!

Quick Breakfast

For those who need to grab something quickly, there are plenty of ready-made breakfast options that take just minutes to prepare. Overnight oats are a great choice – all you need to do is mix rolled oats with milk or yogurt the night before, then add some fresh fruit when you’re ready to eat it in the morning.  Prepare a fresh fruit assortment in small containers for the week for that easy grab-and-go.

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Why is more protein better than carbs?

Protein should be your top priority when planning breakfast. Eating more protein than carbohydrates ensures that your body has enough energy to tackle the day and helps you stay full longer. Protein is also essential in building muscle, which helps keep you energized throughout the day.  

There are several quick and easy ways to incorporate more protein into your breakfast routine. A great option is scrambled eggs with vegetables or an omelet filled with lean proteins such as chicken or turkey sausage. Yogurt with nuts, seeds, and fresh fruit is also a tasty choice that packs in plenty of protein without taking too much time to prepare. If you’re in a rush, grab some pre-cooked hard-boiled eggs or a bagel topped with peanut butter for an easy meal on the go.

Carbohydrates and sugar : not good for the first meal of the day

Breakfast Fresh Fruits ImageCarbohydrates and sugar are not ideal for the first meal of the day, as they can lead to a quick energy rise and crash. Eating excessive amounts of carbohydrates in the morning can also make you feel lethargic and unmotivated throughout your day. It’s important to avoid foods that are processed or high in refined sugars, such as cereals or pastries, to ensure your body is getting essential nutrients that support sustained energy levels. Instead, focus on meals that also contain high-fiber complex carbohydrates and natural sources of protein, such as oatmeal with nuts, eggs with vegetables, or Greek yogurt with berries. These will provide consistent energy throughout your morning while also providing valuable vitamins and minerals. Quick and easy breakfast options like these can help fuel you up for work or school without leaving you feeling weighed down or fatigued afterwards.

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Make Breakfast Easy and Simple

Breakfast Waffle Sandwich ImageMaking breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated or take up too much of your precious time.  Start off with some simple overnight oats. All you need is some rolled oats, yogurt, honey, fresh fruit, chia seeds and any other toppings of your choice. Combine all the ingredients together in a jar before bedtime and it’ll be ready by morning! For something savory, try making an egg sandwich on whole grain bread with vegetables like spinach or tomatoes – it’s protein-packed as well as tasty! These can be wrapped in a damp paper towel then in foil and frozen.  Take one out each night to thaw and re-heat in the morning or at work.

Prepare Breakfast for the Week 

Chicken Avocado Egg On Toast ImagePlanning ahead and prepping meals over the weekend or on any given night will give you quick grab-and-go options during those hectic mornings, greatly reducing stress and getting you out of bed more quickly.  Avocado and eggs are a good high protein breakfast. Make eggs ahead of time and store them in a container.  Slice up avocado or smash it, however you like it and store it in an airtight container.  The night before or in the morning, make some toast and heat the egg and assemble your avocado and egg toast. 

Waffle bites are easy to eat on the go.  They can be made ahead of time and stored in an air tight container.  Make omelets style eggs and cut them in circles.  These too can be stored in an air tight container.  They can be topped with bacon, sausage or even bacon bits. The bacon can be made ahead of time.  Assembly takes seconds as does heating and enjoy.

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Sweet fillings of cream cheese and strawberry jam are an alternative filling to eggs.  Peanut butter or Nutella can be delicious fillings eagerly gobbled up.

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Protein pancake mix can be used for that addition of extra protein in the morning.  These easy hand-held bites are also a good lunch or snack.  Kodiak Power Cakes Flapjack and Waffle mix can be easily purchased from Amazon.

Kodiak High Protein Flapjack Waffle Mix Image

Making breakfast ahead of time makes hectic mornings easy and everyone is able to get something to eat.  Let your imagination go when thinking of great creations for a delicious morning meal on the go.

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