How To Binge Watch The Fast And The Furious Movies

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How To Binge Watch The Fast And The Furious MoviesHow To Binge Watch The Fast And The Furious Movies

Warning: this article contains some spoiler alerts – especially the final video.¬† You have been warned ūüôā

I have long been a fan of The Fast & The Furious movies, but it has been a long time since I’ve watched them and I never did see parts 5 and up…¬† So I started a binge watching, from episodes 1 to 4 to refresh my memory before watching 5 thru 8…¬† All was going well until I get to what should be number 3 (Tokyo Drift 2006)…¬†

It seemed OK, I was a bit lost, but then when I watched part 4 things got weird…¬† A character who passed in number 3 (Tokyo Drift) was magically back in 4 – what the heck??¬† I totally missed this the first time I watched the series…¬† Off to Google we go, surely others have noticed this!¬† Indeed they had!¬† Turns out there is a special order to watch the movies in so it all ‘flows’…¬† I’ve outlined this below for those wanting a quick reference -AND- If you’ve never seen the franchise of “The Fast And The Furious” you should!!

  1. The Fast And The Furious  [2001]
  2. Short Film “Turbo Charged Prelude”¬† [2003]
    -> This short film details events between the end of The Fast And The Furious [2001] and the beginning of 2 Fast 2 Furious [2003].

  3. 2 Fast 2 Furious  [2003]
  4. Short Film “Los Bandoleros” [2009]
    -> This short film bridges the gap between “The Fast And The Furious [2001]” and “Fast & Furious [2009]”
    NOTE: (Due to Vimeo privacy settings, you need to click the blue “Watch on Vimeo” box to view this video)

  5. Fast & Furious  [2009]
  6. Fast Five  [2011]
  7. Fast And Furious 6  [2013]
  8. Tokyo Drift  [2006]
  9. Furious 7  [2015]
  10. The Fate Of The Furious  [2017]

I’m not sure why the filmmakers did this – with the short movies, which I’d never seen or heard of until today AND Tokyo Drift¬† [2006] should be watched AFTER the Fast And Furious 6¬† [2013] episode — it’s totally confusing, but if you watch in the above order – it all flows in a more natural way!¬† Here is a video that gives some previews and the story:

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