Why Are French Bulldogs So Popular?

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This post was originally published on January 29, 2023
The latest update to this post was made 1 year ago.

4 French Bulldogs ImageWhy Are French Bulldogs So Popular?

French Bulldogs have become one of the most sought-after breeds in recent years, but why are they so popular?  It’s not just their adorable looks that make them so popular but they have been gaining attention from celebrities and average pet owners alike for their endearing personalities, compact size, and low-maintenance grooming needs. Originally bred as a companion animal, French Bulldogs have become increasingly popular over recent years due to their adaptable nature and love for human companionship.

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The Cost of a French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are relatively low maintenance and require minimal exercise, making them an ideal pet for apartment living. However, one major downside to owning a French Bulldog is the cost; these pooches don’t come cheap! From initial adoption fees or breeder fees to vet bills and regular grooming costs, there is no denying that this breed can be costly to own. As such, prospective owners should consider all financial aspects of French Bulldog ownership before taking the plunge. All in all, while they may cost a lot upfront and on an ongoing basis, owning a French Bulldog is sure to bring lots of love and laughter into your life!

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Finding a Breeder Versus Rescue

When it comes to why French Bulldogs have become so popular, there are many factors that play a role. One of these factors is the decision between finding a breeder or rescuing one. Finding a breeder can be an expensive and lengthy process, but also gives people the opportunity to pick from different puppies and get one with specific traits they desire. Additionally, breeders will often provide health certificates for the pup as well as information on vaccinations, worming treatments and more.

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On the other hand, rescue organizations provide an opportunity to save the life of a pup who may otherwise not have had much chance at living happily ever after in their new home. While there is no guarantee on breeds or size when adopting from rescue organizations, they do offer discounted rates for vet exams and micro chipping for pets adopted through them.

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Bad Breeders vs Good Breeders

There are also bad breeders that only see dollar signs with these popular pups; with one pup going for $1,500 to $3,000+ depending on many factors. Many pups are delivered by C-Section.  Some by vet and others by self-taught breeders.  Puppy mills are abundant and when one is reported the Frenchies that are able to be nursed to health are put up for adoption.  If you want to make sure you are not buying from a puppy mill, insist on seeing where the dogs are kept and visit the location where the dogs are.  I know of one couple that adopted two of these rescues and it broke my heart to see them afraid of the grass, but after a year; they are happy and living their best life.  

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Health Problems

This charming breed has quickly become a symbol of luxury, but you may not know that behind the cute face and big ears there are some potential health problems to be aware of.  French Bulldogs are known for their short muzzles and wide-set eyes, which can result in breathing problems due to compromised airways. They also have an increased risk for eye diseases such as entropion and distichiasis, which can lead to pain, irritation, and vision loss if left untreated. To make matters worse, they often suffer from joint issues such as hip dysplasia or luxating patella due to their wide chested build. In addition to these physical ailments, French Bulldogs are also prone to dermatological problems like allergies or skin infections and may also suffer from health issues like brachycephalic syndrome due to their short snouts.  Find a good vet because they will quickly become your best friend.

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From their endearing personalities to their unique look, it’s no wonder why these pups are all the rage. But before you rush out to adopt a French Bulldog, it is important to understand that taking care of this breed requires a great deal of responsibility and commitment.  French Bulldogs are sensitive and require constant attention from their owners. They need plenty of exercise to stay healthy, so daily walks and playtime should be part of your routine. You will also need to groom your pup regularly as they tend to shed quite a bit.

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Great For Family

These adorable pups also provide many smiles and laughter to their owners.  Their personalities are almost like toddlers in the home.  They also get along great with children.  If you are looking for a new member of the family, try looking in the direction of a French Bulldog.

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