Happy New Year!
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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2018 txg22 0

Happy New Year! Thank you for following Blog Encounters!! On The Web : https://blogencounters.com On Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/blogencounters On Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/blogencounters Wishing you all a very happy 2018 – from the Blog Encounters Team! [Read More…]


Party Ideas

December 28, 2017 zanna 0

Party Ideas Festive parties are being planned right now as I type.  Parties for 10, 25, or 100 guests will be invited to these fabulous celebrations.  Whether you are planning an adult party, child party [Read More…]


I Live With POPD

December 22, 2017 Opinions4all 0

I Live With POPD The holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve all packed so close together can create a mountain of stress and anxiety for many people.  Easy flexible people will weather [Read More…]


Thanksgiving 2017 Already!

November 19, 2017 zanna 0

Thanksgiving 2017 Already! Thanksgiving is the often forgotten holiday between Halloween and Christmas.  Christmas decorations are up in the stores and on the city streets.  Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations often blend together…  How can you [Read More…]


A Halloween History With Fun Facts!

October 20, 2017 raven 0

A Halloween History With Fun Facts! Halloween is almost here and the usual lines are flying; It is a holiday celebrating the devil, candy companies invented the holiday, devil worshipers invented the holiday and only [Read More…]


Halloween Candy – Buy, History, Ideas

October 15, 2017 raven 0

Halloween Candy – Buy, History, Ideas You are on page 1/2. Candy Corn, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat, Hershey’s Miniature Chocolates, M&M’s, Skittles and gummy candies are sought after each Halloween from eager Trick-or-Treaters. [Read More…]


Halloween Costumes To Buy

October 8, 2017 zanna 0

Halloween Costumes To Buy Halloween is the time of year for everyone to get into the spirit!  Young and old can dress up and enjoy the night.  Now, do you buy a costume or make [Read More…]

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