Halloween Costumes

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes Halloween Costumes Sexy cop, sexy nurse and even sexy Harley Quinn costumes have been worn by many for Halloween. Sexy costumes are not new, but should be age appropriate. Many teenagers do not really understand [Read More…]

Emoji Pancake Pan From Aldi

Emoji Pancake Pan From Aldi

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes Emoji Pancake Pan From Aldi Aldi Grocery stores have more than just groceries. Aldi Grocery stores are located all over the world. It is interesting to see what items are available in each sale advertisement. [Read More…]


New Orleans Cemeteries

Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes New Orleans Cemeteries Avoiding the subject of death is like avoiding the subject of what to have for dinner.  Death is something we all will encounter at some point in our life; whether it is [Read More…]


Texas Winter Storm

Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes Texas Winter Storm Warning! Temperatures will drop below 50 and will be accompanied by rain but wait, 5 minutes later the low temperatures have changed to 40 or below, and yet 5 minutes later the [Read More…]


Party Ideas

Estimated Reading Time: 4 Minutes Party Ideas Festive parties are being planned right now as I type.  Parties for 10, 25, or 100 guests will be invited to these fabulous celebrations.  Whether you are planning an adult party, child party [Read More…]


Thanksgiving 2017 Already!

Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes Thanksgiving 2017 Already! Thanksgiving is the often forgotten holiday between Halloween and Christmas.  Christmas decorations are up in the stores and on the city streets.  Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations often blend together…  How can you [Read More…]

Pets / Animals

Losing A Pet

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes Losing A Pet Losing a pet can be one of the most devastating things to a pet owner.  Animals provide companionship and become part of the family, they are the furry family members.  I recently [Read More…]


MYLink Radio System

Estimated Reading Time: < 1 Minute MYLink Radio System Some cars now come with a MyLink Radio System. The display touch screen is great to navigate.  The touch buttons are large enough to see and it lights up.  There are two [Read More…]