Betsy DeVos Wants Larger Class Sizes?

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This post was originally published on May 3, 2019
The latest update to this post was made 3 years ago.

Betsy DeVos Wants Larger Class Sizes?Betsy DeVos Wants Larger Class Sizes

We need larger class sizes: said no idiot ever, well; that is until Betsy DeVos, the Secretary for the Department of Education, spoke these words during budget cuts proposed to the Federal Government. She also wanted to cut aid for the Special Olympics as well.  DeVos has been called an enemy of the children and I do agree.

She has repeatedly taken money marked for public education and routed funds to charter schools that cater to the wealthy.  She is an advocate of charter schools in the place of public schools.  The argument of larger class sizes came about during funding discussions. She argues that if teachers were better trained they could handle their job and teach larger class sizes. This is idiocracy at best.

Betsy DeVos Wants Larger Class Sizes?

There are at least a handful of different learning styles in a class of 30 students. Special Education students require different accommodations as well as monitored students. One teacher could have 10 different required accommodations to deliver during one lesson. Now complicate the fact by adding 10-20 more students per class making class size 40-60 per class.

Sounds like a great idea to increase class size and cut down on having to hire more teachers, said DeVos. Parents would disagree with this suggestion. Students are more difficult to motivate than they were five years ago. Smaller class size ensures that students get more attention from the teacher. Students can get lost and overlooked in large class sizes.

DeVos has no respect for education, teachers or parents. President Trump was not thinking when he put someone radical and with NO education experience in charge of education. She wants all education to be private and ran like a business because she is a businesswoman. Only someone experienced in education would understand what teachers go through and have the insight to help education.

Increasing teacher pay was the only sane comment that has came out of DeVos’s mouth. All parents need to keep an eye on this information and be ready to voice opinions, vote, and protest and make your voices heard. If this action is accepted and class sizes do increase, I see many teachers leaving the field in droves.

Betsy DeVos Wants Larger Class Sizes?

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