College Spring Break

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This post was originally published on March 7, 2023
The latest update to this post was made 1 year ago.

College Spring Break Friends On The Beach ImageCollege Spring Break

College spring break is a holiday period in spring, typically in March or April.  It is mostly observed in universities and colleges throughout the United States, Canada and other countries. The exact dates of Spring Break vary depending on the institution or region. During this time, students are given a brief vacation period to rest and relax away from their studies.


Activities during Spring Break often involve travel to various destinations such as beaches, amusement parks or resorts with friends or family members.

Family & Friends Cookout Image


College students are often watching their finances closely. For those unable to travel due to financial constraints, there are many local activities available such as attending music festivals, going shopping or visiting nearby attractions.  Use a budget planner to keep up with finances.   Additionally, students can also take advantage of this opportunity by completing assignments due after the break which could help them reach their academic goals for the year ahead.

College Spring Break Activities

During college spring break, some students take family vacations, go on vacation with friends; while others may take part in educational activities such as field trips or volunteer work. Spring break is a great time for students to get away from their academic pressures and enjoy some much-needed relaxation time with friends and family.

Amusement Park Image


Traffic Cone ImageNo matter what type of activities students choose to participate in during their spring break vacation, safety should be top priority. Parents should discuss safety tips with their children before embarking on any excursion or activity away from home, even if they are in college. This includes making sure all transportation arrangements have been made ahead of time so everyone arrives safely at their destination. Additionally, parents should research any potential risks associated with the location they are traveling to ensure their child’s safety throughout the duration of the trip and encourage their child to research as well.

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The Beach

People On The Beach ImageThe warm air of the beach during spring break can bring a lot of joy to those who need some sun after months of cold weather. There is nothing quite like spending the day splashing around in the water, playing games on the sand, and taking in the beauty of nature. With so much to do and explore, it’s no wonder why going to the beach during spring break is such a popular destination.

More Fun

Tropical Getaway People On Beach ImageFrom swimming in crystal clear waters to building sandcastles with friends or family, there are plenty of activities that one can enjoy during their time at the beach.  College students holding a bikini contest may not be acceptable if younger children are going to visit the same area.  College students and parents should do their homework and research the beach before the plan to visit.  Whether you prefer lounging on your towel under a parasol or exploring rock pools along shorelines – there is something for everyone when visiting a beach.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are a popular destination for spring breakers. There are often amusement parks in your own back yard so travel can be cheaper. The combination of warm weather, thrilling rides, and delicious food makes these locations ideal vacation spots for students of all ages. During this time of year, amusement parks tend to offer discounts on admission to help entice visitors. These discounts often include free meals or cheaper rates for larger groups.

Amusement Park On The Pier Image

Special Events

Many amusement parks also hold special events during spring break such as live music performances or movie nights to add an extra level of excitement. In addition to the attractions featured at the park itself, many areas around amusement parks will also have different activities and events going on during spring break that can be taken advantage of by visitors such as beach parties and cookouts near the beachfronts. This is why so many people flock to amusement parks during this time of year; it’s not only about the rides but also about having fun with friends in a variety of different settings.

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Educational Trips

Visiting a museum or zoo during Spring Break can be an educational and exciting experience no matter your age. For those looking for a unique way to spend their break, a day trip to your local museum or zoo is sure to provide plenty of learning opportunities alongside fun experiences.

People At An Aquarium Image

College Kids And Spring Break

For college students, spring break is an eagerly anticipated holiday. After months of lectures and exams, it’s the perfect time to relax, catch up on sleep and enjoy some fun in the sun. As such, it’s no surprise that many college kids head for popular beach destinations such as Cancun or Miami during their week-long vacation.

College Spring Break Placard Do Not Disturb Image

Party Time

The partying doesn’t stop when the sun goes down either; most resorts have plenty of nightclubs with DJs spinning throughout the night so students can dance until dawn if they wish. Some students also use this opportunity to explore a different culture by venturing outside their resort and visiting local attractions like Mayan ruins or taking part in indigenous cuisine like tacos or quesadillas.

College Spring Break DJ Setup Party Image

More Fun Times

Other college students are content to just lie back on a lounge chair and drink pina coladas all day long! No matter how they spend their time off though, Spring Break is always guaranteed to be an exciting experience for college students!

College Spring Break – Time To Relax

During college spring break, there are plenty of ways to relax and have fun. One great way to relax is to take a walk-in nature or a park and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the season. If you’re feeling adventurous, try camping out or even renting an RV for a road trip with friends. You can also use this time to catch up on hobbies like painting or playing music. Spending some time alone can be very beneficial in finding peace and balance during your holiday break.

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Get Away

Overall, Spring Break provides an opportunity for students to have fun while taking a much-needed break from studying for exams and finishing coursework before summer comes around again.

College Students Image

Finally, don’t forget that spring break is also the perfect excuse to do something indulgent like checking into a spa for the day – just leave all stress at the door! From massages and facials to mani-pedis, hair treatments and aromatherapy baths – what better way is there to treat yourself than with a relaxing wellness experience?  Interested in travel?  Here are 25 cheap spring break trips compiled by Readers Digest.

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