APC UPS Will Potentially Explode If Showing This Error When Turning It On

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This post was originally published on November 15, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 7 years ago.

APC UPS Will Potentially Explode If Showing This Error When Turning It OnAPC UPS Will Potentially Explode If Showing This Error When Turning It On

There aren’t too many times where network electronics can scare you, but this is one of them.  For the second time in the past couple of months, I have had a NEW APC UPS stop functioning properly.  UPS’s or Uninterruptible Power Supplies, are supposed to switch from commercially provided electricity to a power supply which runs on several expandable battery packs.

The first time I witnessed the ‘red LCD of destruction’, I figured it was a false alarm and just pressed the power button like a moron!  Seconds later, sparks and explosions were happening inside the unit. As the smoke cleared out and my heart continued racing, I went cautiously around the back of the unit and unplugged it from the wall.  I then disconnected each battery as a safety measure and took down a few notes referencing the serial numbers so I could get a replacement.

The next step was fairly easy.  I [chatted with the friendly help at APC] / Schneider Electric and gave them a break-down of what happened with the serial numbers and purchase dates.  They understood the issue and sent me a new head-unit with replacement batteries and two battery packs as well. My first experience was very similar to the following video:

The second time this happened, my experience went this way:

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The model of UPS as seen in the second video is an APC Smart UPS SRT5KRMXLT.  I’ve had two malfunction so far, but many others have been working great.  I recommend them in a commercial environment to support heavy network electronics for a good hour or so after the power goes out.  Despite a few faulty items, [APC / Schneider Electric] stands by their equipment and is quick to give you great support.

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