Mini Yarn Hats Craft

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This post was originally published on December 7, 2022
The latest update to this post was made 5 months ago.

Mini Yarn Hats Craft

These mini yarn hats are a cute winter or Christmas decoration.  They are so easy and relaxing to make.  You will need yarn, scissors and cardboard paper towel rolls. Yarn selection will determine how big or small the hats look.  Don’t use too big of yarn or they will not look like little hats.  It is best to use medium to small yarn when making your mini yarn hats.

Note: All videos will show using one strand at a time.  I used two strands at a time and got better results. 

Cut the yarn into 6-7 inches strands.  This will give you enough room to make the tassel on the top.  Cut the cardboard tube into 1 inch pieces.  This will serve as the brim of the hat.  They can be as thick or thin as you want. 

Mini Yarn Hats Craft - Step 1

Take two yarn strands and fold them in half.  Put them loop end first through the cardboard circle and feed the strand ends through the loop and pull.  This will pull them taunt.  Fill the entire circle with yarn. 

Mini Yarn Hats Craft - Step 2

Mini Yarn Hats Craft - Step 3
Mini Yarn Hats Craft - Step 4

Pull the yarn through the circle to the other side.  You will see the brim of the hat starting to form.

Mini Yarn Hats Craft - Step 5
Mini Yarn Hats Craft - Step 6 Mini Yarn Hats Craft - Step 7

Put one or two cotton balls in the hat to secure and make the top sturdy.  Pull the yarn to the top of the hat.

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Mini Yarn Hats Craft - Step 8

Once the yarn is pulled to the top, use another yarn piece to tie it off making the tassel at the top. The yarn at the top will be uneven and long.  Use scissors to cut it down to the desired length. 

Mini Yarn Hats Craft - Step 9
Mini Yarn Hats Craft - Step 10
Mini Yarn Hats Craft - Step 11

String them together by using thread and needle going through each one or use a long piece of yarn and tie each hat to it. 

Mini Yarn Hats Craft Sample

Hang as decoration or use individual hats as decoration around the house.  These make great easy gifts as well!

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