The Evolution Of Wednesday Addams

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This post was originally published on February 19, 2023
The latest update to this post was made 8 months ago.

The Evolution of Wednesday Addams ImageThe Evolution Of Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams is an iconic character from the Addams Family franchise, with her dark and mysterious yet endearing personality. She has been a part of pop culture for over five decades and has managed to capture and retain the hearts of many fans throughout the years. In this article, we will explore how Wednesday’s character has evolved since her 1964 debut on The Addams Family TV show.

Addams Family TV Show

The Addams Family Image

Lisa Loring ImageThe Addams Family, a 1960s sitcom classic, remains one of the most beloved shows in television history. The show follows the hilarious and offbeat antics of the Addams family as they confront life and all its obstacles with style, wit, and dark humor.

Wednesday Addams is no doubt one of the show’s most popular characters. Portrayed by actress Lisa Loring, Wednesday embodies both a child-like innocence and a morbid fascination with death that makes her character unique and incredibly endearing to viewers around the world.

Since her debut on television in 1964, Wednesday has gone through many changes – from wild hair colors to different fashion trends – yet she still holds true to what made her such an iconic figure for over fifty years: her signature attitude towards life that we can all relate to despite how strange it may seem at times!

The Addams Family Movie

The Addams Family Movie Cast Image

The Addams Family movie, released in 1991, was a groundbreaking comedy for its time. Starring Anjelica Huston as the iconic Morticia Addams and Raul Julia as her ghoulish husband Gomez Addams, this dark comedy quickly became a cult classic.

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Wednesday Addams, played by Christina Ricci, proved to be one of the most beloved characters of the film. She embodied an edgy style that resonated with fans all over the world and marked a huge shift in what it meant to be cool. Her look—a white dress shirt with a black tie underneath paired with long pigtails—was copied by many youngsters who wanted to emulate her unique style.

Wednesday’s attitude also made waves; she was unapologetically herself and refused to conform to societal norms.  Her serious demeanor captivated teens who wanted to mirror her.  Her character was definitely alpha and a leader.  Mean girls were no match for Wednesday Addams.  If there ever was a character on any show or movie that stood up to a bully, it was Wednesday Addams.  This message that it was OK to be your own person and not give in to peer pressure met well with some teens. 

The New Netflix Show “Wednesday”

Wednesday Image

When Netflix released “Wednesday”, the show that follows Wednesday Adams in the present day, it was an instant hit. Fans of the original “The Addams Family” loved to see Wednesday as a grown-up version of her younger self. The show follows Wednesday as she navigates modern life while still adhering to her gothic sensibilities.

In this new iteration of Wednesday, we get to see a protagonist who is not only morbidly funny but also independent and determined. She still holds onto her values from childhood but adapts them to fit into adulthood and modern society. In each episode, viewers learn more about Wednesday and how she has evolved over time with unexpected plot twists that keep audiences guessing what will happen next.

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Jenna Ortega Image

Wednesday still follows her own path and does not give into peer pressure.  The new Wednesday took bits from the TV show and move to create a modern Wednesday.  The characters can be time-lined to show an evolving young child into a young adult.  Jenna Ortega, who is Wednesday; did her homework to make her character of Wednesday unforgettable and brilliant.

Lisa Loring and Christina Ricci can be sure to appreciate the work of Jenna Ortega.  Many fans are eagerly waiting for season two of Wednesday from Netflix. 

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