Abandoned For Good

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This post was originally published on November 29, 2016
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Abandoned For Good ImageAbandoned For Good


Abandoned places spark a curiosity in everyone.  What happened to the people who lived there?  Why did they leave?  Why is the place abandoned?  These are questions everyone has about abandoned places.  There are even television shows about abandoned places.

Rick McCrank travels around exploring abandoned places.  He also skateboards through them in a show called Abandoned.  He has explored malls and buildings in many cities.  He talks to the people around about the run down places and dives deep into their feelings.

Forgotten Planet
Forgotten Planet: Abandoned America explores many places all across America.  They have explored Navy shipyards, buildings in Detroit, and ghost towns.  The history delivered in the program is so interesting, you are glued to the television set for more.

All these programs have sparked  new interests for the urban explorer.  Many people try to copy the stars of these shows.  The only real problem is that the people on the  television shows have permission to be in these abandoned place and urban explorers do not have permission.  This can be dangerous for the explorers that are untrained.


Unstable Buildings
Many abandoned places have unstable structures and debris on the ground.  People get hurt when exploring, even the trained professionals can get hurt. It can become especially dangerous when young kids try to copy these YouTube stars or television program stars.   The young kids do not think about safety.  All these kids can think about is becoming the new YouTube star.  Millennials!

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Abandoned places can sometimes be scary.  They have an eerie quiet and that alone can be frightening. This is what makes everyone curious and want to know more.  Humans are curious and always want to know everything.

The most interesting of abandoned places of all times has to be Chernobyl.  The nuclear accident in 1986 left thousands homeless.  They had to leave everything behind; clothes, food, furniture, toys, family pictures and other personal belongings.  Buses came in and took the people out of the town.

The radiation is still high even today.  People explore the town all the time.  Finding a reputable tourist guide is the most difficult part.  Do your homework before you go blindly with someone to visit the town.  You can only stay for an hour.  After an hour, you have absorbed enough radiation to equal 20 X-rays.

Abandoned place are always going to be a point of interest for everyone.  Young and old are always looking at abandoned places. Urban explorers are on the rise.  What are your favorite places?  Share your thoughts below.  If you have links, please share in the comments below!

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