Christmas Cookie Swaps

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This post was originally published on November 28, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 5 months ago.

Christmas Cookie Swap - Sugar Cookie ImageChristmas Cookie Swaps

Christmas Cookie swaps are a great way to share cookies and recipes during the holiday season.  The key to a successful cookie swap is to host one early so everyone has time to bake cookies from all the great new recipes they get during the swap.  Open the swap to no-bake sweets as well, this way everyone can participate in the swap!

Guest List
Create your guest list and get your invitations ready.  You can do a cookie swap at work or at home.  Invitations can be emailed or printed and mailed.  A cookie swap hosted in your home adds that family feeling to the swap.  Even if you host your swap at work, you can still create a festive look.  The key is to get a solid RSVP from people, so you know how many baggies or plates to get and you know how many recipes everyone needs to bring.

How the Swap Works
Everyone invited needs to bake 1-2 dozen of the same type of cookie and bring copies of the recipe for others to take.  Everyone takes 1-2 cookies from each cookie present.  The host will have baggies or plates for you to collect your cookies on.  The best part is that you also get the recipe for the cookie. 

Hosting the Swap
Even if you have the swap at work, a festive time can be had by all.  Use a break room, conference room or invite work friends to your home.  There is more freedom in decorating when you have the swap at your home.  Your tree is up (usually) and you have your own Christmas decorations out on display.  As the host, have some hot chocolate, punch and tea ready for your guests.  Don’t complicate things by having too many choices.

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It is always a good idea to make extra cookies for people to munch during the swap.  A good sugar cookie is light enough that is will not be heavy mixed with the other treats others have brought to the swap.  You can even have cheese and crackers as a snack item for your guests during the swap. 

Keep the swap to an hour or two.  It does not need to be any longer.  Games are not played during the swap.  Sometimes, there are prizes given for the best over all cookie, lightest cookie, prettiest cookie, most chocolate cookie and best tasting cookie.  The host provides small prizes such as dish towels, cookie cutters, Christmas ornaments, rubber spatulas and any other Christmas or kitchen item. 

Cookie swaps have a way of getting everyone involved in the Christmas spirit!  Your guests will have a great time and walk away with great cookies and new recipes.  Every year I always have people ask me about the cookie swap.  I host one every year.  I even get ornaments and everyone attending is sent home with an ornament.

Post pictures of your cookie swap!  Your pictures inspire others and also open the door for ideas!  Have a great cookie season!

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