Amazon Echo Dot Review

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This post was originally published on December 6, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 7 years ago.

Amazon Echo Dot ReviewAmazon Echo Dot Review

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The Amazon Echo Dot is a great tool for your small spaces.  A smaller version of the Amazon Echo, the Dot does not have the large speakers thus making it ideal for smaller spaces.  I use one at work.  I am amazed by what all it can do!

Dot can play music and search for music based on voice commands.  Using a Bose speaker, the sound is great!  Internet searches are a breeze as well.  Using voice command for everything, I can even order lunch.  The learning curve is middle of the road.  If I do not know how to do a function, I make Dot search it for me.

A voice command awakes Dot.  It is a default of “Hello, Alexa”.  This can be changed to what you want.  The versatility of the Dot is amazing.  I like the fact that I can use my voice to change volume of music or search for a simple answer on the internet.  It enables me to multitask.  The Dot is a great price at $49.95.  Some technology stores are now carrying the Dot besides Amazon.  As these gadgets make is easy to be lazy, I predict we’re going to love controlling lights, TVs and more using your voice.  Here soon, we won’t have to move at all…!



Amazon Echo is a larger version of the Dot. The Echo has bigger speakers and it great for a larger room.  I use the Dot more than the Echo mainly due to size.  I will be writing up a review on the Echo in the coming days, stay tuned!  I have seen Google’s version of the Echo and I am excited to see one in action!  Like the dot, the Echo also offers superb sound for it’s size!

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