What Is A Hatchimal?

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This post was originally published on December 6, 2016
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What Is A Hatchimal?

What Is A Hatchimal?

What is a Hatchimal you ask?  A real life Tamagotchi that was released on October 7, 2016, which has now been dubbed as Hatch Day!  Wait….  Shouldn’t it be going from stuffed pet to virtual pet?  Not this time, the maker wanted to keep away from any apps or electronics.

Hatchimals are four different stuffed animals that come inside a colored egg, but the Hatchimal inside is a mystery until it hatches.  With 30-40 minutes of continuous nurturing and interaction it will become closer to hatching.  It knows when it is being nurtured because it responds to your touch by the inside of the egg lighting up.  Another sign of it communicating with you is tapping on the egg.  The Hatchimal will tap back.

Wait!  You think it ends there?

Wrong!!  Now your Hatchimal will need to be cared for and raised.  As it grows up it is equipped to respond when touched, will repeat phrases, and eventually move when you clap your hand.  It takes just a few days to go from newborn to adult, but once it becomes an adult there are more games that you can play together.

Is this something you may purchase to place under your Christmas tree?  To make your son or daughter smile?!  Retail value is $70.00 and with this being a hot item and every child in this world wanting it, it is now online being sold for up to $800.00.

Tell me, would you pay that price for 10 minutes of excitement?  The maker strives to build the toy to keep a child occupied for more than just the hatching.  Be sure and comment below with your Hatchimal experiences!

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