Valentine’s Day – What Is It?

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This post was originally published on January 15, 2017
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Candy Hearts ImageValentine’s Day – What Is It?

February 14 is Valentine’s Day.  This is a day full of candy, cards, flowers and romance.  Known as a holiday made-up to sell more candy…  This is not at all true!  History explains how Valentine’s Day came into existence.

Lupercalia – The Christian Church wanted to revise the Pagan celebration of Lupercalia, the festival of fertility around 270 AD.  Replacing Lupercalia with Saint Valentine’s feast day was the idea.  Saint Valentine had conflicting stories as to how he became a Saint.  Soon the Church supported the story of love for Saint Valentine.

Valentine's Day - What Is It?

Replaced Holiday – Lupercalia celebrated growth and birth.  Marriage was encouraged during Lupercalia.  People did not buy into Valentine’s Day and continued to celebrate Lupercalia.  Pope Gelasius outlawed Lupercalia.  He replaced Lupercalia with Saint Valentine’s Day at the end of the 5th Century.

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Romance – Romance is part of Valentine’s Day.  Written Valentine’s greetings began around 1400.  Countries from all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day.  It’s one of the most popular holidays in the United States, even today.  Early on people exchanged hand-written notes.  Technology improved by the 1900’s and printed cards replaced hand-written cards.


Parties – Parties are celebrated in honor of Valentine’s Day.  Friends exchange gifts and cards.  School children exchange Valentines with classmates.  Valentine’s Day gifts appear on the shelves as early as the day after Christmas!  Party ideas are abundant and cute.

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 Gifts – Cards were the most popular gift in the early days of celebration.  Flowers, candy, cards and stuffed animals are common gifts given.  Most marriage proposals and marriages occur on February 14, the day of romance.  Women were typically recipients to many of these gifts.  In recent years, it has become the norm for men to receive small gifts.  I think most men appreciate the thought.

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Restaurants – Valentine’s Day is a popular day for restaurants.  Beware single people, do not eat out during Valentine’s Day!  Lines are long plus watching couples at every table can be very depressing.  It is now fashionable for groups of single people or friends to go out during Valentine’s Day.  Restaurants are no longer filled only with romantic couples.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day!  Show some love to everyone around.  Everyone appreciates homemade gifts or bought gifts.  Decorate and enjoy the festivities.  Male and female can both enjoy the love holiday without fear.


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