Valentines For Him

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This post was originally published on January 22, 2017
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Valentines For HimValentines For Him

Females are traditionally easy to buy for on Valentine’s Day.  Women are typically the recipients of gifts and goodies.  In current times, it has also become popular for men to receive gifts and goodies as well.  Keep reading if you find yourself at a loss on what to get that special guy in your life!

Valentines For Him

A home cooked dinner for two is a good way to show that special someone you care enough to make his favorite dish.  Have an appetizer of oysters, cheese and crackers, shrimp cocktail or small salad ready when your beloved arrives.  When serving alcohol, make sure you go light.  A drunk dinner guest is no fun.  Finish the winner with a fabulous dessert.  Chocolate covered strawberries are the traditional Valentine’s Day goodie.  Try an assortment of little bit size chocolate sweets to go along with the strawberries.

A date with an exotic car on a nearby racetrack will have your beloved wanting more.  More time with you that is!  Car enthusiasts will be drooling from the time you present them with a card of a little car announcing their gift.  Surprising your man without notice could catch him unprepared.  A planned gift like this will be appreciated for all the grand memories and adrenaline rush.

Photos of you together make great gifts also!  Follow up with a goodie box of treats just for him to accompany the photo or photos.  Frames for the photo or photos should not be pink or girlie.  Use neutral colors such as black, red, blue or white.  A heart-shaped frame is fine, don’t be afraid!

Valentines For Him

Love coupons are popular.  Make them special not boring.  Use a Jenga Game and write on one side of each game piece.  You can write why you love him, things you love about him and simple words of affection on the pieces.  Want a more romantic game?  Spice it up by writing romantic questions, romantic dares and words of affection on the pieces.  The game can be played through the year and not just on Valentine’s Day.

Sexy boxers with candy are a light romantic gift.  Jewelry like watches or rings can be wrapped special too.  Use a mason jar and stick a tissue roll in the middle to create a hole for the watch or ring to go in.  Fill candy around the tissue roll for the illusion of a filled candy jar.  Use small candy such as conservation hearts, jellybeans or M&Ms.

Have you got other ideas you’d like to share?  If so, leave your comments in the area below!

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