Betsy DeVos – Seriously Trump?

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This post was originally published on December 9, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 7 years ago.

Betsy DeVos - Seriously Trump?Betsy DeVos – Seriously Trump?

Donald Trump has chosen Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education for the United States.  This is indeed a very sad day for us all.  As an educator, my heart aches and I am sick to my stomach.  Here again we have someone who has never set foot in a classroom and they are responsible for education.

Wake Up!  Teachers do not need someone who has not taught to tell them how to teach.  That is like someone who has never had a child telling someone what birthing feels like.  This is such a moronic decision.  But she is a business woman and billionaire.  Big surprise.  Wake up America as we will see more of this in the future.

DeVos speaks so negatively about public schools.  We teachers have news for her; the charter and private schools are no better.  Kids are the same all over and teachers struggle to teach.  The one big difference is that a public school teacher needs a degree and pass certification tests to teach.  Charter and private school “teachers” do not.  [See: Huffington Post -> An Open Letter To Betsy DeVos From America’s Public School Teachers]

Betsy DeVos - Seriously?

Slap In The Face!  DeVos slaps educators in the face each time she speaks.  Her words sting the soul of each teacher.  Someone who has no training or education hold higher in DeVos’ opinion than an educated trained teacher.  This makes me and many teachers sad.

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The state of Michigan already voted a strong no to DeVos when she tried to change education in the state.  Many opened their eyes and dismissed her for what she was; a business woman who knew nothing about real education!  She cares more about the children of rich parents and pities the middle to lower class children.


Betsy DeVos - Seriously Trump?

Congress Confirmation…  DeVos still needs to be confirmed by Congress.  I hope and pray that Congress does their homework and values education.  Teachers all over America in real schools hope the same thing.  Teachers value education and would like to see all educators in private and charter areas have proper training.  This is what is good for children.  There are some private and charter teachers who are certified, but it is not a requirement.  Many parents do not realize this.

Americans need to speak out and be heard!  We need someone who knows education and has been in the classroom.  That person truly knows and understands!  An experienced person like that will have children and teacher interest.  A business woman has business at heart and money.

Get ready for your tax dollars to go straight to the private and charter schools.  The schools that most cannot afford to put their children in.  All this while your public school suffers.  The very same school that most of your children go to.  What do you think?  Sound off in the comments area below!

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