7 Most Believable Bigfoot Sightings

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This post was originally published on December 9, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 7 years ago.

7 Most Believable Bigfoot Sightings7 Most Believable Bigfoot Sightings

[Bloggy Creek Series] – Episode 4

I want to take a quick moment here to update you guys on the team that we have put together for our live videos that will start coming out in 2017.  As a group, we plan to speak with the people responsible for the most current sightings and do a film interview whenever possible.  Also we’re going to come to you at least every other week from our very own Bigfoot YouTube studio.  Our goal is simple…  We want to be a hub where we talk (if you comment, we will respond) to all of the different research teams throughout the USA.  We are based in Texas where there have been over 200 Bigfoot sightings.

Video: 7 Most Believable Bigfoot Sightings

In our last blog we talked about posting a Bigfoot grading system.  In other words could an area being able to sustain a 700 to 900 pound bipedal eating machine.  Also, in the same areas we will start with the most obvious: Does an area related to a sighting sustain bears and/or feral hogs?  I might want to note that some feral hogs get up to 600 pounds and that it is common to have a 200 to 300 pound hog.  More to the point however is that all of these hogs have extended families.  That is my way of saying it’s not just about the size of anyone hog it is the number in the group.  Again, we are talking about sustaining life.  We will be going over that in our next post, the types of food that Bigfoot is supposed to be living on and the amounts.  Below is a video on seven real Bigfoot sightings – this is in no way my favorite it’s actually just a commentary.

This article, also on Blog Encounters, may be of interest:  Bloggy Creek Series

Video: 7 Real Bigfoot Sightings

In 2017, we will be bringing our own film, crew and photographs to you via the web.  Oddly enough our first coverage is going to be on a mythical creature known as “goat man” that supposedly stalked the residents of Lake Worth, TX which is a subsidiary of Fort Worth, TX.  Lake Worth is part of the Monster-Plex known as Dallas-Fort Worth.  Here is something interesting about the – goat man – first of all after going through the area there is not a place where this creature could hidden.  I have been researching this for a couple of months now and keep hearing about how there are a group of feral hogs.  Yet I cannot find a photograph or a person that can confirm the sightings.  I did drive the area a week ago and was very surprised to see the abundance of deer in the area.  Keep on looking in the woods and remember cameras up!

Finally, we will be posting photos of the CREW very soon.  Thank you for stopping by!  It will really help the cause if you will like our page and share any articles of interest on your social media using the sharing buttons below.

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