Clash Of Clans – A Game To Relax To?

Clash Of Clans

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This post was originally published on November 26, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 1 year ago.

Clash Of Clans Game ImageClash Of Clans – A Game To Relax To?


Clash of Clans is an online game that is available in app form that launched in 2012.  It is a strategy war game.  Players can play in a clan or single.  Clash of Clans remains one of the most popular games still in 2016.

Players who join a clan are able to join a clan with players from around the world.  Some clans are region specific.  I have been a member of both types of clans.  My first clan was around for 2 years.  It was regions specific.  That made planning wars and donating troops much easier.  Then the clan leader decided to leave and turned leadership over to a twelve-year-old.  Yes, you read that right.  Needless to say that after a few weeks, the clan was run over by kids.  There were several adults I the group and we said bye to the kiddie clan.

We made our own clan and it is a world membership clan.  It can be difficult at times when making war plans and donations, but we have made it work for the past two years.  There are 15 of us that have been loyal to the clan.  We fluctuate between 30 and 50 members.  I enjoy the game and like to play.  Clash of Clans is a great stress reliever.  Nobody in the clan yells or gets angry at bad war attacks or when we lose a war.

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New Members
We often get new members that will trash talk other member’s attacks or be very uptight about wars.  They are quickly freed from our clan.  In other words, we kick them out.  We do not tolerate kids in the clan being silly.  Our clan had one kid that joined and I knew he was young from the way he typed. He didn’t last long.  He was too silly and often mouthy.

He would insult other players then put a “lol” after each sentence.  We did not lol.  Someone asked him how old he was and he said ten.  Yes, it was a quick good-bye. Since then, we always advertise that we are an adult clan.  Our clan does still get kids in, but they do not last long.  That is the great thing about this game.  Everyone can play somewhere.


The game is also making great updates.  I also like that money does not have to be spent in order to have fun.  There are plenty of games that are fun, but then you need to spend money in order to get special pieces or special items.  The game hits a plateau.  Clash of Clans does not hit this plateau.  With or without money, a person can play and have fun.

Clash of Clans can be played as a single player.  One does not have to belong to a clan.  You can still attack other villages and get loot.  The only thing you cannot do as a single player is participating in a war.  Attacks can also be from clan member to clan member, called friendly attacks.  Friendly attacks are a good way to test your defenses and practice.

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A war is campaigned against another clan.  There are the same number of participants from each clan that war.   Clans take turns attacking other members of the opposing clan.  A village can be attacked twice to get a total of three stars.  The winning clan gets all the loot and their clan status gets higher.  A higher clan status means that a clan gains more loot in a war.

I do know of some clans that are very strict and demanding.  This takes the fun out of playing to me.  I do know some people like this type of clan.  They can have and be part of that type of clan, but not me.  I play games to relax.

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