Spike From Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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This post was originally published on November 26, 2016
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Spike From Buffy The Vampire Slayer Sitting Image

Spike From Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Spike is a vampire in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  His relationship with Buffy and the other vampires is complicated.  His name was William The Bloody then as time goes on, he changes his name to Spike.

He arrives in Sunnyvale with his love, Drusilla, so she can be healed by being closer to the Hellmouth.  He gets caught up in killing the slayer.  Joss Whedon had initially thought Spike would be a minor character and end with Buffy dusting him.  The fans loved Spike, so Joss kept him.

There were many rumors that Sarah Michelle Geller, Buffy, and James Marsters, Spike, did not get along on set.  Well, they made it work on the screen.  Fans were drawn to their chemistry of good and evil.  There always was a bit of flirtation between the two characters even before anything romantic began.

Spike’s First Love

Spike Scene Image BTVSDrusilla was Spike’s first love.  She turned him into a vampire.  Joss makes the relationship even more complicated by later having dialog between Angel and Spike where Angel refers to himself as the sire of Spike.  That is another article all its own.

Spike and Dru traveled all over reeking havoc where they went.  Spike always tried to make Drusilla happy, but she was crazy.  Really insane.  This was a result from all of Angel’s torture when she was still human.  Spike took care of her in a special way.

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When Dru cheated on Spike, he took her back.  She did this several times until she finally left Spike.  He came back to Sunnydale for good.


Spike finds love

Spike And Buffy ImageSpike fought Buffy every chance he had.  Buffy fought back, but never really made any attempt to kill him.  She seemed to like the fighting only.  She always called Spike harmless.  Spike then went on a journey to get back his soul.  He fought hard and was rewarded with his soul.

Spike had difficulties dealing with the return of his soul.  The guilt of what he did while a vampire weighed heavily on him.  He then started to help Buffy fight other vampires and demons.  Buffy accepted his help.  There was sexual tension between them for a long time.

Other characters picked up on this tension and sometimes questioned each of them.  They both denied anything.  It wasn’t until Buffy was brought back from the dead that she gave in to Spike’s advances.  Buffy said she needed to feel and she used Spike.

Buffy kept her relationship with Spike a secret.  Spike tried to get her to tell the others, but she would not.  When their relationship came out in the open, her friends were upset with her.  I felt they were wrong.  All her friends could see was that Buffy as a vampire slayer should not love a vampire.

Buffy told Spike she didn’t really love him.  Spike would not believe this.  He thought she did love him but would not say so because of her position and friends.  Buffy acted differently when it was just her and Spike alone.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Sarah Michelle Image Spike BTVS Image

Their romance had many talking and discussing.  Even today people are still talking about the relationship being real or not.  In the last season, Spike sacrifices himself for Buffy.  She tells him she loves him.  Spike tells her that she doesn’t but he liked hearing her say the words.

Buffy loved Spike and Spike wanted to let her know that it was OK she denied him.  Buffy and Spike will always be the lost forbidden lovers much like Romeo and Juliet.  Spike is much a character of romance and love.  After all, he wrote poetry when he was a human.

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