Big Foot Sightings 2017

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This post was originally published on February 13, 2017
The latest update to this post was made 1 year ago.

Big Foot Sightings 2017Big Foot Sightings 2017

[Bloggy Creek Series] – Episode 5

The question lingers…  With all of the cameras, satellites and cell phones, there are a reported one billion photos taken a DAY!  Where is the proof of Mr. Big Foot himself?  The crowd chants : “We want DNA, We want DNA“.  With the explosion of digital forest cameras strapped on every other tree out there and triggered by any movement…  Where is the proof of Bigfoot?

With the internet offering instant worldwide viewership, when will Sasquatch come out of the shadows?  If the truth could be told “Bigfoot” could hold a press conference with President Trump and CNN would blow up right in front of your face.  Without DNA it’s more likely the abominable snowman will win Dancing With The Stars than be a common consensus than Bigfoot is alive and well…… Living peacefully in the woods.  Yet, in Texas (bee County) they say “YES” he is alive and well!

Something to think about…  What would YOU do if you saw a Bigfoot?  What would you say to your friends?  What would happen to you?  Meaning in the “REAL” world.  How would you open up a conversation on your Sighting?

You:  I would like to place an order to go.

Waiter: Good, to hear.  What would you like us to cook up for you?

You:  Let’s see here…  Burger, super large cheese fries, root beer float and I have a question.

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Waiter: I will answer that question let me put in your order for Super Cheese fries…  Big O’l burger with all the fixings and everyone’s favorite root beer float…   Did you say you had a question?

You: Yes I do.

Waiter: What, may I ask is your query?

You: Have you worked here long?

Waiter: My parents founded this place in 1975 under blue skies.  How is that relevant to your question?

You: Well I was pulling up along the side of the building and I thought I saw something along the tree line.

Waiter: What did you see?

You: Well, I wanted to know if there had been any Big Foot Sightings here at your restaurant?

Waiter: Takes a long pause.  Without a movement he say’s YES, there was a sighting, another one besides yours.  Yours would be number two.

You: What??  When did this happen?

Waiter: Well it was in the newspaper, here it’s hanging up on the wall I will get it for ya…  The waiter walks off and returns with a paper that is mounted on a wall plaque.

You:  This was over fifty years ago!

Waiter: True, and now you have revisited the same story.  If I were you I would keep the “Sighting” news to myself.

You: Why?

Waiter: The guy was called Mike Mason, his brother whom is also my father is Jeff Mason.  Making Mike Uncle Mike and God rest his retarded soul.  Although to the locals he did become famous.

You: Famous, how so?

Waiter: He was forever known as the dumb ass of Jackson county.  He was kinda like the Bill Gates of stupid.

You: Well maybe best keep this sighting to myself then…

This article, also on Blog Encounters, may be of interest:  Gone Sasquatchen: Big Foot Lives

Waiter: Yes, you might want some DNA prior to your BIG announcement!  ALL I am trying to say here be careful what ya say!


BELOW:  Scientist Announce Real Bigfoot DNA

Now in the video below call the best PROOF of 2017 is not exactly ready for prime time, yet it did get 12,906 views.  Still no DNA.  UFO’s, Aliens, Bigfoot and a host of conspiracy theories.  That leads us back to the part about “Sightings”…  In the real world, it’s not going to go well for most with a big foot sighting.  The ridicule is real, I know I have seen my share of rolling eyes and the question of “WHY” would you spend your time writing about this on Blog Encounters?  However, if are reading this then you already know.  It’s what I don’t know that intrigues us squatchers here in America.  So maybe…  just maybe, I am the Tom Brady of wishful thinking, yet to me, we are a group that will this sleuth this behemoth til we have proof.

BIG FOOT DNA/Foot?  Below **You tell me**

OK…  I will be going to Bee County this year, also some of the people in the BEE County video we/I will be speaking with.  The truth is in the proof and I for one will be a hunter of this proof.  I can not prove to you that I will be the one to find the proof, I can only say that I will have fun looking.  Keep on Squatchin!


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