Bigfoot – Creepy Sounds At Night

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This post was originally published on November 27, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 1 year ago.

Bigfoot Bloggy Creek Series ImageBigfoot – Creepy Sounds At Night


[Bloggy Creek Series] – Episode 2

As we close the door on 2016 and kick start 2017 (the year of the Bigfoot) – we are happy the New Year will allow us to tape our weekly show concentrating on everything Bigfoot.  The series will be intriguing and, at times, scary. .   Now, ask yourself a question.  In the second video there is a “truck rigged for Squatch sounds”…  How much did this SETUP cost?  Yeah, ya don’t rent the thing out for income.  This is another foot soldier in the army of believers.  One that is taking the Bigfoot finding solution into the costly world of technology.  In other words, the army is underpaid, often scoffed at and relentless in their/our pursuit.  There is one component that renders a high value to me personally.  Having a collective congruence of thought as we communicate and share information at the speed of internet.  A support group cyber tethered together sharing our findings and beliefs.  The video below shows sounds of Bigfoot.

Video : Bigfoot Screams

Into the woods we go...  We are going to start a probability scale:  A graph of different criteria and needs to sustain a large animal.  This scale will have a value applied to each category.  As an example:  Food, although not the only group to be addressed yet, I think we can agree this is hyper important.  One help to our evaluation scale will start with could/does the area support a bear population?  Although there is no proof that if a bear can sustain its existence ergo, so can a sasquatch, yet it’s a good place to start.  OK – this was said to scare the reporter – you tell me – Also, check out the RIG made for Sasquatch Sounds.

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Working with the different Groups – There are several groups that have put forth a GREAT effort into supporting/finding and collecting evidence for the Bigfoot final solution.  As has been bantered around the “WWW” world wide web, the existence needs proof and has been elusive it has kept rental space next to spaceships/karma and dragons, so not a lot here.  Yet we look and are reminded that there is NO lack of evidence to the prior existence to the massive Gigantopithecus.

Bigfoot - Creepy Sounds At NightWe will start next week with a story from Texas about a mythical creature known as GOAT MAN from Lake Worth.  It’s been a long while since goat man has been talked about, yet it’s just a start and Dallas/Fort Worth has a population of over 7 Million.  We will go to many of the areas in Texas in 2017 to take our very own investigation and work with the local Bigfoot Team Trackers.  We will be opening old cases and chasing the new ones into the night.  Til we meet again, keep on Squatchin!

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