Top 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters (2016) – Part 1

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This post was originally published on November 27, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 5 months ago.

Top 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters Banner ImageTop 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters – Part 1

The tacky tradition of Ugly Christmas Sweaters is fun for all ages!  There is an ugly Christmas sweater out there for everyone. Here is a list of the top 10 sweaters for the 2016 holiday season as voted by the Blog Encounters team.  All of these sweaters can be found on www.holidayfury.comnote: Blog Encounters is not associated with  Be sure to keep a look out for the Top 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters (2016) – Part 2!  Did we miss one?  Make your suggestions in the comments below!  Don’t forget to answer the poll question at the end of page 5 – choose your favorite ugly sweater from this list!

#1 : For the Netflix lover. This Stranger Things sweater is sure to be a hit!
Buy it here HEREStranger Things Sweater Image

#2 : For the 90’s kid at heart.
Buy it HEREMerry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Sweater From Home Alone Image

#3 : For someone who won a major award!
Buy it HERE Fragile Sweater From A Christmas Story Image

#4 : For the CrossFit enthusiast.
Buy it HERE Crossfit Sweater Image

#5 : For the gun enthusiast.
Buy it HERE Gun Sweater Image

#6 : For the Whovians.
Buy it HERE Dr Who Sweater Image
#7 : For the patriot in your life.
Buy it HERE  Don't Tread On Me Sweater Image

#8 : For the Star Wars fans.
Buy it HERE  Star Wars Sweater Image
Ugly Christmas Sweaters

#9 : For the Texan.
Buy it HERE Merry Texmas Sweater Image

#10 : For the ones who know winter is coming!
Buy it HEREWinter Is Coming Sweater Image

What's Your Favorite Ugly Christmas Sweater On This Top 10 List?

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