Low Cost Game Ideas For A Girls Birthday Party

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This post was originally published on November 5, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 7 years ago.

Low Cost Game Ideas For A Girls Birthday PartyLow Cost Game Ideas For A Girls Birthday Party

Birthday parties don’t have to be expensive. See our picks for low cost birthday party game ideas for a girls birthday parties below! If you have additional ideas to share, please do so in the comments area below! We’d also love to hear your experiences with any of the games listed below!

1) Scavenger Hunt

Take an item or items and hide them throughout the house or yard. Get everyone ready, tell them what they are looking for, assign a set amount of time and turn them loose. The one(s) who return with the most item(s) wins the game.

2) Saran Ball

Using saran wrap, wrap up treats and other goodies forming a ball (size is up to you). Start the saran ball at player 1, give player 2 a pair of dice. Player two must roll the dice repeatedly until they get doubles, at which point the saran ball is given to them and the dice move down to player 3, etc. Unwrapped goodies are kept by the player that unwrapped them. Usually a bigger treat is in the center.

3) Diner Dash

Using plastic cups and dishes, along with trays, you’ll create a relay race of types. Give each ‘team’ a tray and the same amount of plates and cups. Each player must place all the plates and cups on their tray and carry them with one hand above their head to a pre-determined location (other side of room, other side of backyard, etc.). Once they reach that side of the room or yard, they turn around and go back, handing off the tray to another player on the team. This next player does the same thing and the process repeats until all players have had a turn. The first team that completes the process wins! If the game can be played outside, you can fill cups with water and have them empty to a bucket. The team that fills the bucket first wins.

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4) Musical Chairs

Arrange a group of chairs (1 short for the total number of players), start some music. When the music stops everyone must sit. Those left without a chair are out. Remove one chair for each player that is out so there will always be a shortage. Start the music again and repeat. The game ends when only one player is left with a chair after the music stops.

5) Fashion Foil

Foil is used to create something they can dress up in. Winners can include the best design, most effective use or most creative. Start by giving each girl a select size of foil, 3 to 5 feet is usually plenty. Have some rubber bands or tape available to assist with keeping foil in place. Give a set amount of time and go!

6) Donuts On A String

Tie donuts on a ribbon and let them hang. Have one for each player hanging slightly above mouth level. Have all players start at the same time. The object is to eat the entire donut, without using hands or letting it fall to the ground. You could also use string and have two people holding it at the appropriate levels.

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