Area 51

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This post was originally published on November 5, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 7 years ago.

Area 51Area 51

True.  False.  Who knows what is what anymore?  Some know more than the “general public” not because they are smarter, but because of who they come into contact in their daily lives.  I am in contact with many different people who love to talk.  I mean, really love to talk.  I think that is because they cannot really talk about what they do and what they see and they think they can trust me.  I kind of work in the same field as some of them and I hear all sorts of things.  Some things I KNOW I should not be hearing, but yet; I keep listening.  Wouldn’t you?  I can tell nobody around me any of these startling stories due to confidentially.  But I can tell you.  Now, where do I start?

How about Area 51?  I am always asked about this.  What do you know?  Are the aliens real?  Did it really happen?  What is really there?  Here is what’s really there – a military secret base.   They conduct secret projects.  Some of these secret projects involve biological viruses for war and weapons.  And yes, aliens.  Alien technology has been dissected to help create new technology.  The smart phones of today started out as big brick phones.  Before that the technology was aboard an alien ship.  The aliens that are visiting Area 51 are not hostile.  They are helping create the new technology.  Well, in exchange for some of Earth’s resources.

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The cover up runs deep.  Nobody will ever be able to do anything about it, unless Hillary Clinton is elected.  Maybe.  She is not a supporter of these things being kept silent.  Poor Donald Trump doesn’t know any of this because he hasn’t been in the political world as deep as Hillary.  They only give the President of the USA information on a need know basis and it is not much.  Max Spiers, who recently paid for all the things he knew with his life, realized how deep the cover up went.  He tried to break the silence.  MUFON is trying to shed some light on his death.  The government does not want any of this to get out to the general public.  Too many Hollywood stories has made us fearful.  What would the general public do if they knew knowledge was being exchanged for some of our fresh water and atmosphere?

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