Dallas-Fort Worth Says Goodbye To KDGE “The Edge”

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This post was originally published on November 17, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 7 years ago.

Dallas-Fort Worth Says Goodbye To KDGE "The Edge"Dallas-Fort Worth Says Goodbye To KDGE “The Edge”

After 27 years of being Dallas/Fort Worth’s Alternative radio station, “The Edge” (KDGE) has officially been dropped by iHeartMedia. On November 16th 2016, the station looped Semisonic’s “Closing Time” and REM’s “End Of The World As We Know It” while directing listeners to 97.1 The Eagle. The message “The sound of 102.1 The Edge has moved to 97.1 The Eagle.” was echoed throughout the loop. The [KEGL Website On iheart.com] welcomes former Edgeheads.

Dallas-Fort Worth Says Goodbye To KDGE "The Edge"On November 17th 2016 at 5pm CST, the format officially changed to Christmas music. After the holidays, we are told a new format will emerge, along with a new station name which is going to be “Star 102.1”. The new format will focus on a variety of artists from Michael Jackson to Kelly Clarkson to Maroon 5. For locals, this sounds like a lot of what the current 102.9fm Now (formerly Mix 102.9fm) already plays. We are still waiting on more information, which will be released in the coming weeks regarding the new format.

The Edge, KDGE, officially came online in June 1989, as 94.5fm and was one of the most popular alternative/new wave stations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Broadcasting 100,000 watts, the station was available in most of the North Central Texas area. In the year 2000, the station moved to a new frequency, 102.1fm. Listeners currently seeking alternate/rock music are encouraged to tune in to sister station 97.1 The Eagle, KEGL. The Eagle is going to continue playing rock, as it always has, but will also be adding former Edge artists, such as Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots and other popular artists from the 90s to today.

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Video: you may recognize some of these plugs from the good old 94.5 days!

In the good old days, as a freshman in high school, I couldn’t get enough of The Edge! I listened around the clock and continued this throughout most of the 90’s, but started tapering off of it around the same time the frequency changed to 102.1. It was around 2000 that I really began disliking commercials all the time and switched to Sirius satellite radio and Shoutcast streaming music stations. None the less, The Edge was a big part of my high school life and the 8-10 year period after graduation! The things I remember most were:

  • Retrocadia – Every weekend, the Edge broadcasted live from [Arcadia] in Dallas, with a show called Retrocadia. It played the best 80s music for hours on end, and although a fairly hefty 50+ mile drive to get there, it was a venue I visited regularly. Sadly I’ve learned the Arcadia building was destroyed by fire in 2006.
  • Edgefest – An annual music festival with headliner acts, sponsored by The Edge. Featured artists included Nickelback, Muse, INXS, Everclear, Drowning Pool, Tripping Daisy and many more over the years! I attended Edgefest ’94 (#16) where the Violent Femmes, Muse, Crowded House and Tripping Daisy performed – I remember it well, good times! [More…]
  • Edgeclub ’94 – Every Saturday night, the Edge broadcasted live, often from The Lizard Lounge in Dallas. Featuring, still to this day, some of the best electronic/dance music of all time. DJ Red Eye, DJ Merritt and Jeff K. ran this show from 1991 into the new millennium (2010), where it was renamed to Edgeclub 102 (because of the frequency change in 2000). I’m fortunate to still have hundreds of hours of these mixes recorded (on tape!). Jeff K still has some of the Edgeclub mixes up on [his website]. Also : [Edge Club After Hours Live From The Lizard Lounge (Clip)]
    • Bonus : Edgeclub 94 – The Best Of 1995 – 1 hour sets [Set 1] [Set 2] [Set 3]
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In closing, we will miss you, “The Edge”, our original Alternative station. You set the pace and introduced us to some great artists! Your DJ’s were amazing, your events off the charts and although you’re gone now – you won’t soon be forgotten, at least by some of us!

Dallas-Fort Worth Says Goodbye To KDGE "The Edge"

My original “94.5 The Edge” bumper sticker from 1994. This one never got used.

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