Last Minute Gift Ideas!

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This post was originally published on December 22, 2018
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Last Minute Gift Ideas!Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Christmas is full of unexpected expenses that can make the holiday time a stressful and unhappy time of the year. Plan ahead and buy a little each month. After Christmas sales are the best time to stock up on Christmas tins and boxes, small toys, Christmas cups and decorations. But, let’s say you didn’t do this buying ahead of time and you are now running out of time; what do you do?

Gifts for family co-workers, teachers and last-minute drop-ins need not be stressful even if you are short on time. Make a trip to the local Dollar Tree and buy generic stockings, Christmas mugs, box of hot chocolate, marshmallows, Christmas baggies, small toys, Christmas pencils, candy, candles, Christmas decorations, clear or colored cellophane paper and ribbon, plain color Christmas ornaments and sharpies or paint pens. All these items will help make last-minute gifts that you can keep around for drop-ins or unexpected gift giving.

Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Start with the Christmas mugs and put two packages of hot chocolate in one with a small baggie of marshmallows and some candy. Cut the ribbon into 1 to 2 inch pieces and use scissors to curl them, then sprinkle about 10-20 curled ribbon in the cup with all the items. Wrap each cup individually as a single cup and tie it off with a ribbon. These make great gifts for teachers, co-workers and last-minute drop-ins.

The next gift is a stationary set. Use a Christmas decoration, pencil, candy, one candle and wrap it in cellophane with a ribbon. If the gift is for a teenager or younger child, replace the candle with small toy. Even teenagers like small toys at Christmas. Getting a plain ornament ball and writing their name and year on it also makes a great addition to the bag. A stocking also makes a great package for these items.

Food items make great gifts for everyone. Baking does take time and can be cut in half by using pre-made cookie dough or mix. A sugar cookie is a good base for a cookie that you can make yummy additions to like M&Ms on top or Christmas sprinkles. No time for baking? Try buying Pepperidge Farm Christmas cookies, chocolate chip cookies and shaped sugar cookies from your grocery bakery and these can be used to mix in a Christmas baggie or tin for anyone on your list.

Don’t let the Holiday Season stress you out and keep things simple. Follow some of these ideas to make the season a little more personal and stress free. If you have any ideas, please post them in the comment section; after all we are in this season of Christmas rush together.

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