Guys, Make Girls Want You – TOP 10 Things

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This post was originally published on July 30, 2017
The latest update to this post was made 5 years ago.

Guys, Make Girls Want You - TOP 10 ThingsGuys, Make Girls Want You – TOP 10 Things

You may want to stand out to the opposite sex.  There are common denominators that are going to be “the things that are most obvious” or at least you might think so.  The video below will travel onto the psychological patterns that that are arguably hardwired into our brains.  As an example:  You are not going to drive your car on flat tires…  That is just hardwired.  So we will start with packaging the product and that product is you…

Number One:
It would stand to reason that the logical person would assume that cleanliness and some attention to detail has been accomplished such as hair, fingernails etc.  A gentleman wants to have a pair of shoes that are accented correctly with his attire.  If you are wearing dress shoes then you want to apply polish and make them gleam to the best of your ability ** females pay attention to shoe wear **.  This would seem to be the obvious, now let’s talk a bit about the “hack’ or the physiology of personal interaction.

Number Two:
The Benjamin Franklin effect is where you asked someone to do something for you, therein creating a subconscious condition.  The brain translates this action into a positive response, as detailed in the video below, less will be more and better.  In other words don’t send someone out to get your dry cleaning, it’s more of a can you get me a drink out of the refrigerator.

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Number Three:
Without being overbearing you want to have an inviting aroma about your body ** think cologne **…  Watch this video for more advise on the adventures of dating:

Number Four:
Have a life of your own:  It’s kind of like passion and a way of saying you don’t depend on her for your entertainment.

Number Five:
Passion – have passion about something:  It can be your work, your job, your hobbies or maybe all of the above!

Number Six:
Laugh, be funny:  That may not be for everyone as not every one is funny, yet still you want to keep things light.

Number Seven:
Be her friend!  Not to be confused with the friendzone.   Listen to her, there is more on this in the video above.

Number Eight:
Get comfortable touching her:  This most likely needs to start as casual ** Think shoulders and reasons to shake hands, etc.  **

Number Nine:
Give her all of your attention:  OK, focus on her at the right time(s) and dude, leave your cell phone out of it!

Number Ten:
Beef up your confidence game!

Now, there will be ALL kinds of dating/relationship advice here on Blog Encounters and please keep in mind that we post around three of these a week and would like to have you back as often as you choose.  You can leave us a note and truly ask us about something that you would like answered and/or explored in the world of dating.

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