Small Silicone Mold Review

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This post was originally published on December 7, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 5 years ago.

Small Silicone Mold ReviewSmall Silicone Mold Review

Silicon baking molds are cheap and easy to bake with. I have used the large molds for cakes and brownies with success.  This Christmas the small silicon molds were too cute to pass up.  I happily purchased the silicon gingerbread boy and girl mold. 

Baking with the small mold should not be too different from baking using the large mold.  Boy was I wrong!  I followed all directions on the package and what I made did not look like anything on the package!

Small Silicone Mold Review

I later learned that the larger molds are better than the smaller molds.  The small molds make the shape only and not the detail. Icing and decorations make the detail of the baked good.  I wanted to make little cookie cakes and not ice them.

The cookie stuck in the mold and others looked like a gingerbread with a blob under the cookie.  Not a good-looking sweet at all.  Do not fill the mold but half way to avoid the blob of dough that has no shape.  Let the mold completely cool before pressing them out.  This will prevent sticking and the sweet in the mold from splitting.

I did make ice in the small mold and it worked great!  All the detail could be seen easily.  What a great idea for your Christmas parties!  The small silicon molds are also good for making chocolates.  Use the Wilton chocolate melts or make your own chocolate.  Everyone likes chocolate and you cannot go wrong giving them out!

Silicon molds are sold anywhere baking products are sold.  Look in specialty cooking stores, Target, Walmart, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  Try your favorite store and I bet there is a cooking aisle with silicon molds.  They are very reasonable in price.  Always look for sales after holiday time to get great deals!

The small silicon mold did not work for me when baking cookies or cakes.  Making chocolates or ice using the small silicon mold is great.  Give your Christmas an added charm by adding shaped ice and chocolates to the menu.  Have you used these molds?  Tell us about your experiences in the comments area below!

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