Money And Christmas

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This post was originally published on December 3, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 5 months ago.

Money And ChristmasMoney And Christmas

Money and Christmas go hand in hand.  Retailers depend on people spending more money then what they make.  We have come to be an overspending society.  Kids have to own the best newest electronics.  Adults need to have the latest in electronics too.  Whatever the newest gadget, it will be in demand.

Society is so possession heavy, it is actually ruining our economy.  More people are declaring bankrupt and losing their homes!  Families are destroyed by spending.  Parents cannot say no to demanding children.  This is a problem!  Christmas is a difficult time to say no to anything.  Family and friends need presents, holiday parties need food and gifts, work has games that involve buying candy and treats; it is a never-ending list of demands.

How do you cope?  One way to cope is to start a year in advance.  Save a little each paycheck and do not touch it.  This will give you extra money during the season of spending.  Saving money is difficult because we always want instant gratification.  Speak with your banker about starting a savings account or use a jar and place all your change in it.

Gift giving can be expensive!  Try and get family and friends to settle on a price limit.  Good luck!  Society has created spoiled children who demand the best.  Money isn’t understood by these little darlings and all they know is life will end if they do not get the best!

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Parents can prevent this behavior early on.  Consistency is the key to raising a regular kid.  Parents are both overworked and it is easier to give in to stop a screaming child.  Time is what it will take to let the child know their behavior is not appreciated.  Often people think that you have to hit a child to make them mind or stop screaming.  No, all you need to do is be consistent and say no.  Remove the child from the situation explaining why.

I had a friend that would ground their child for bad behavior.  Seems like that would work but then the parent tired of the punishment and gave into the child.  Parenting like this produces snotty kids.  Have fun with that!  More money is spent at Christmas and this needs to stop!  Remember the reason for the season – Jesus!  People often forget that is why we celebrate Christmas.  Ask any child or adult and their answer would be gifts or food.  Sad!

I challenge everyone to remember the real reason for the season and limit spending.  Christmas might be more enjoyable when spending time with family and friends.  Try playing games or sitting together watching movies.  Everyone enjoys human contact.  Happy Christmas!

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