Amazon Echo Review

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This post was originally published on December 7, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 7 years ago.

Amazon Echo ReviewAmazon Echo Review

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The Amazon Echo is an all in one voice activated speaker system.  Voice control by speaking “Alexa”.  Alexa can read a book aloud, play music, give weather reports and traffic updates.  The omni-directional speakers fill a room with sound.

I use the Echo in our large common room at work.  The speaker is loud enough to hear across the room clearly.  Echo can pick up a voice command from several feet away.  This hands-free system is very convenient.  Syncing the system with our work calendar is a plus.  Anyone can ask Alexa about a day without having to look it up on the computer.

Alexa will perform for anyone on our team.  It is very versatile and functional.  The Echo will even control the lights.  This makes it great when conducting presentations.  No more getting up to turn lights on and off!

New features are added as they become available, so never is it a concern that a new unit will need to be purchased to keep up with technology.  Echo in a home can be made more personable.  It can read your emails for you and set appointments.  We keep the Echo very general at work.

The Amazon Echo is a great gift for anyone and an awesome for that someone who is busy!  Smaller spaces can use the Amazon Echo Dot [See our review on the Echo Dot here].  The Dot is a smaller version of Echo.  I really like that Echo can help with simple questions.  We all turn to Google for answers, but it is time consuming to search for the answers.  Echo makes searching very easy by voice command.

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The Amazon Echo is well worth the price.  Look for them at any electronics store or order them online at

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