What Teen Mom OG Really Means

What Teen Mom OG Really Means

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This post was originally published on November 14, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 5 years ago.

What Teen Mom OG Really MeansWhat Teen Mom OG Really Means

I finally realized what the OG in Teen Mom means.  It means Oh, God why am I watching this?  It is one of the shows you watch to make you feel better about your own life.  The train wreck that takes place each week is worse than the train wreck that took place in my own life the previous week!

People have watched these girls on TV since they were pregnant at 16.  Their babies are now 7 years old!  I sit and shake my head each week and think how stupid some of them are and how immature they are.  It makes me feel better and thankful I am not that stupid.  Amber and Farrah are the two that I think are absolutely idiotic.

Farrah cannot talk to her child without baby talking and now her poor child baby talks.  Uggh!  I scream at the TV for her to stop!  Amber does the same thing and to make matters even worse, she married a fan that is almost 30 years her senior.  Gross!  His name is Matt and he is creepy!

So let’s go back to Farrah.  She speaks so nasty to her mom and her mom takes it.  Farrah swears so much that all you hear are beeps when she talks.  Yeah, her mom likes the TV light, but Farrah is plain spoiled snot.  She doesn’t like to be reminded she made porn movies and throws fits when things don’t go her way.  I see her own little girl following in her footsteps.  Poor kid…

Catelynn and Maci are the only two I like on the show.  They are just a little immature.  Maci just had child number 3.  She had such a good future with college, but no.  She is earning good money having kids and being on TV.  None of the Teen Moms are at a want for money.  Each has a nice house and nice things.  They try to make is sound like they are struggling, but that is difficult when their living room has nice furniture and a huge TV.  They also drive new cars.  Yeah, no money troubles there.

Join me and take in an episode of Teen Mom Oh God!  Make your own opinions and share them in the comments area below, let’s chat!

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