Thanksgiving Food To Bring A Family Together

Thanksgiving Food To Bring A Family Together

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This post was originally published on November 14, 2016
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Thanksgiving Food To Bring A Family TogetherThanksgiving Food To Bring A Family Together

Thanksgiving can be a stressful time and a joyous time all wrapped up together. Families often come together for holidays only.  This can cause some stress.  Even if families love each other unconditionally, many members do not want to disappoint each other.  Families are opinionated with each other and this can cause stress.  We always look at other families and wish our own families were as close and open as others.  That is human nature to always want something other than what we have.  The first big holiday to get through is Thanksgiving. Luckily there is lots of food at this holiday!

The turkey is the center of the feast. Make sure you brush the skin with olive oil and sprinkle some garlic and sea salt all over.  McCormick poultry seasoning is great to generously sprinkle next.  Use foil to “tent” the turkey.  For a 15 lb bird, cook at 275 degrees for four hours. Make sure and baste the turkey every hour. Take all the foil off and turn the oven up to 350 degrees for the last 30 minutes to hour.  Use a thermometer and make sure the turkey reaches 170 degrees inside. Let the turkey sit and rest for an hour.

Sides.  Everyone loves sides!  Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, corn, green been casserole, broccoli and rice casserole, brussel sprouts with bacon, mac and cheese and of course rolls.  Let’s talk recipes!  Let me know if you need recipe ideas for any of the listed sides!

Sweets are a good end to the meal. Pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, pecan pie, chocolate chip pie, Texas hot cocoa cake and cookies. This ensures that everyone has something they like.  Even if someone takes only one slice, it is worth seeing a smile on everyone’s face at the end of the day.

Happy people make for less stressed people. These are the people we want to be around during our holiday time.  Thanksgiving is the first holiday we have to get through.  Next is Christmas!

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