To Romo With Love

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This post was originally published on November 16, 2016
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To Romo With LoveTo Romo With Love

We the people of America have a lurid and dizzying long affair every weekend in the fall that ends abruptly. In one day, amid rooms that are boiling over with food and loud conversation. It all ends with the Super Bowl.  (Could be a little drinking going on.)  Binge worthy or not every Saturday and Sunday Football morning til night.  In TEXAS football is kinda of a big deal.  For the past 13 years the Dallas Cowboys have been have had one general, one leader, a man that stood tall for all the silver and blue. Our man was Tony Romo, he was our quarterback.

To Romo With Love

For those faithful Cowboys fans, there is a truth.  It is an uneasy reality.  Victory is the only required virtue of this violent contest.  It must be attained at all costs.  The most basic roots and elementary conditions of winning are the only way that true victory can be achieved.  There isn’t anything else.  After victory, you call out the losers and raise a glass to the winners.  It is victory or nothing.

Then came the Storm…  Romo was ready, very ready, then came the moment.  In a preseason game against The Seattle Seahawks, Tony Romo went down.  He has never returned and as of this date he (Tony Romo) held a press conference that was the most pristine and pure glass of class any one could possibly hope for.  [Read The Transcript].  Again, could it only happen to Romo? The Storm perfected itself and the crowed started screaming and has NOT stopped. The tandem of Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott have been so amazing, explosive and history making it was/is a little hard to even hear the brewing controversy of starting quarterback.  Then came the NFL Hall of Fame to take the Dak’s and Ezekiel’s jerseys to display in the HALL OF FAME in Canton, Ohio.  They had become the first Rookie teammates to reach 1,000 passing yards and five hundred rushing in the first ( 5 ) games!

And the crowd goes wild!TO ROMO WITH LOVE
As of this writing the Dallas Cowboys are still winning,  8-1 !!!  Lost in all of the mayhem is the career of one Quarterback named Romo.  OH! How we are fickle, us lovers of winning.  A man that would start on most every team in the NFL. Is the back up quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.  It will happen to others, it will happen to Tom Brady. Maybe already a carrier forgotten, the fickle fist of life has sent a crushing blow to the man who would maybe…. just maybe of been the man who may KING for one year.  In the wake of winning, a man may have been left behind. Yet, to be fair Dak and Team are winning and winning big. That is loud….Very Loud Loud like Donald Trump.

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