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This post was originally published on November 6, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 7 years ago.


Perigee is the point at which the moon is in its closest point to Earth. A Supermoon is a full moon in perigee. A full moon is due to the position of the Earth and Sun. The Earth is in between the Sun and Moon. Because of the Moon orbit being elliptical around the Earth, the Sun can reflect sunlight off the Moon surface and we see a full Moon from Earth. A full Moon is part of the eight Moon phases that occur each month. This year is special!

There will be three Supermoons before the end of 2016! This is more in one year since 1945.  Supermoons not only look awesome, but have often been associated with end of the world predictions.  Always someone trying to ruin something breathtaking. Many cultures believed that the Supermoon was the beginning of the end.

Due to the perigee of the moon, the gravitational pull is increased on Earth.  This makes the tides higher and lower than normal.  Homes and villages close to the water sometimes flood and people needed to blame, so the Supermoon caught the wrap.  Rightfully so, but people could have gone to higher ground. There are many superstitions about the Moon and the Supermoon.  My favorite is that the Moon is made of silver, so when you see the new Moon (full Moon), hit your pocket or wallet, for a lot of money.  Everyone try this on November 14 and see if you receive lots of money!

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On November 14 2016, go outside around 9:50 pm Central Time, USA and look up. You will not see another Supermoon like this one again for a long time. The November Supermoon will be the largest by thirty percent and last for about two hours. WOW! This also means that tides will be higher than normal. If you have a boat, tie it up extra tight! Better yet, if you have a boat; go out on the water and look at the Moon. What a great place to see this wonderful event.

If you miss this Supermoon, there will be another one December 14 2016, but it will not be as big as the November event. Don’t miss the November event! You will not see another in your lifetime. Videos and pictures are not the same as seeing something in person. Don’t throw that experience away. Take your kids outside to see it. Take pictures with the Supermoon in the background. You will be able to see it very well!

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