Amazing Water Bottle Flip

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This post was originally published on November 6, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 7 years ago.

Amazing Water Bottle FlipAmazing Water Bottle Flip

It all started with a Senior Talent Show.  A young showman from North Carolina entertained his peers by his showmanship and talent.  His slow motion walk around the stage to increase the suspense with his face so serious, then he flips a water bottle that spins in the air and lands perfectly right side up on a table.  The crowd cheered loudly and excitedly!  The young showman walked off-stage with his hands up in victory.  His video success went viral.  This started the Water Bottle Challenge.

It takes a talent to know you need to fill your water bottle at least 1/3 full.  It takes talent to know you need to toss it using the top of the bottle.  It takes talent to know that gravity will pull the heaviest part of the bottle down.  It takes talent to know about centripetal force.  It takes talent to listen during your 6th grade science class.

Youths all over the nation have taken part in this challenge and posted it to YouTube.  Every time the bottle lands perfectly it amazes me that everyone is stunned and excited.  Even adults are excited.  That is the scariest part.  The first time I learned about this challenge, the local news did a story about how everyone was getting into the challenge and how exciting it was.  Really?  And they were serious.  All I could think was that some poor teacher somewhere had failed at getting the idea of centripetal force across to some kid.

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I am all for kids getting excited and learning, but most of these kids getting excited about their bottle landing perfectly are teenagers.  This tells me our education system is in sad shape.  I keep hearing about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Math) and how it is a focus for education.  I am not sure what part of STEM they are focusing on, but it should include a little physical science.

I understand it takes a little bit of trial and error to get that just right amount of water in the bottle in order to flip it perfectly.  So I challenger everyone reading this – try the Water Bottle Challenge!  Video yourself being a success and everyone around you shouting with excitement!  Just remember that yet again, centripetal force worked!  Share your YouTube videos in the comments section below.

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