Notre Dame Football In San Antonio Against The Army

Notre Dame Football in San Antonio against the Army

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This post was originally published on November 13, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 7 years ago.

mg_footballNotre Dame Football In San Antonio Against The Army

I visited San Antonio to see the Alamo and eat on the River Walk.  I needed a mini vacation and San Antonio is a great place.  I was in for an unexpected teat while on my visit.  Much to my surprise there was a football game the next day at the Alamodome between the Fighting Irish and the Army.  Notre Dame is my team!

While I walked the River Walk that night I heard band music and chants.  People were clapping!  I could not identify where the music was coming from.  The walk way on the River Walk is very narrow and I watched expecting a straight line of band members playing to come walking towards my direction.  The music grew louder and louder.  Then I saw the boats! I was so excited to see the band members on boats playing their music!  The band members even wore cowboy hats!  They had the band split to a few boats.  The boats floated up and down the River Walk with the band members playing.  What great school spirit!  Everyone on the River Walk cheered, even non-fans of the football team.

All over the Riverwalk the next day, fans from both the Fighting Irish and Army were out in droves to show support for their teams.   The River Walk is the home to many restaurants and little shops all along the scenic water way, so there is plenty to do and see for everyone.  As I walked around I watched many of the fans.  I do love to people watch. They were all friendly to each other.  The fans all wore their team’s apparel so it was not difficult to know who supported which team. I could not believe everyone was acting like grown ups and being nice to each other.

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An hour later, the Notre Dame band marched in the street heading towards the Alamodome!  All fans cheered them on. It was really great seeing such school spirit and the respect from all fans.  The fans could have been yelling and being rude to each other, but they were not.  Everyone was cheering for the University band showing support.  It really lifted my views on humanity.  Too bad we cannot be like this to everyone all the time.  Oh, and the Fighting Irish won 6 to 44!

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