Deplorables Check-In Station

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Deplorables Check-In StationDeplorables Check-In Station

Definition: Deplorable (adj.) – describes something unfortunate or extremely bad…

In September 2016, Hillary Clinton claimed that 1/2 of all Donald Trump supporters were ‘Deplorables’…  The term took off and is now mentioned daily!  We’ve created a quick poll to tabulate which states have the most deplorables! Just click the state you’re from, it’s that simple!  Be sure and tell a friend or share this post!  Let’s see who has the most deplorables of all!  Viva Deplorables!!

To vote, click the circle next to your state and then the ‘vote’ button at the bottom of the list to submit your answer.  Are you a proud deplorable?  Be sure and vote below!  No personal information is required or asked!  Results are shown immediately!

Deplorables Check-In Station

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