Buffy Slang

February 13, 2017 raven 0

Buffy Slang Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an icon of pop culture.  They showcased up and coming music, mostly by female artists and created a language all it’s own.  Buffy language as it has become [Read More…]

Technical Support

Urgent WordPress Upgrade Alert

February 6, 2017 txg22 0

Urgent WordPress Upgrade Alert For those running WordPress to host their blogs/website, please be aware a recent vulnerability has been discovered on WordPress v4.7.1 and older that allows remote execution of some SQL commands.  Attackers [Read More…]


MYLink Radio System

February 3, 2017 zanna 0

MYLink Radio System Some cars now come with a MyLink Radio System. The display touch screen is great to navigate.  The touch buttons are large enough to see and it lights up.  There are two [Read More…]

TV / Television

Valentine’s Day In Buffy World

January 29, 2017 raven 0

Valentine’s Day In Buffy World Valentine’s Day is celebrated for love and BTVS has great Valentine’s Day episodes that are worth watching again!  Gather all your Buffy fans and make it an early Valentine’s Day [Read More…]


Valentines For Him

January 22, 2017 zanna 0

Valentines For Him Females are traditionally easy to buy for on Valentine’s Day.  Women are typically the recipients of gifts and goodies.  In current times, it has also become popular for men to receive gifts [Read More…]

Technical Support

Windows 10 Version Numbers

January 3, 2017 txg22 0

Windows 10 Version Numbers You are on page 1/2. Updated Builds Added : July 2017 There are a few ways you can check your current version of Windows 10 – here are two quick and [Read More…]

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