Where To Find The Best Ideas For Your Elf On The Shelf

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This post was originally published on December 2, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 5 months ago.

Where To Find The Best Ideas For Your Elf On The ShelfWhere To Find The Best Ideas For Your Elf On The Shelf

Are you struggling night after night to come up with a new idea for where and how to have your Elf show up for your children?  You are not alone!  Coming up with new fun ideas for your Elf’s arrival each morning can be tough!  Heaven forbid you forget to move your Elf…  That would be the end of Christmas magic as we know it!

If you have taken on the daunting task of coming up with new mischief for your elf to get into each and every day in December (or longer if you decide to have your elf make an early appearance), fear not!  There are plenty of creative parents out there who have done this a time or two.  You just have to know where to look!

Pinterest is by far one of the best resources for finding new ideas for your elf!  I suggest creating a Pinterest board dedicated to elf mischief!  Here you can pin ideas all year long and save yourself the stress of looking last minute!

  • If you are an iPhone user, you can also download the “Ideas For Scout Elves” app from the App Store!  Check it out:

Video : Ideas For Elves

Remember, Elf on the Shelf is meant to be fun for the whole family!  Don’t stress over creating extravagant displays with your elf that you have to top each year.  Keep it simple, and remember to have fun!

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What are some of your favorite Elf on the Shelf ideas?  Let us know in the comments below!

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