File Uploads Stop Around 25-30mb In IIS7/7.5/8/8.5

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File Uploads Stop Around 25-30mb In IIS7/7.5/8/8.5File Uploads Stop Around 25-30mb In IIS7/7.5/8/8.5

You are running a website using Windows IIS Server (IIS7, IIS7.5, IIS8 or IIS8.5) and are finding that 3rd party PHP-based upload utilities, such as Extplorer, WordPress and other PHP based applications are failing on large uploads, even after modifying settings in your PHP configuration to allow greater than 30mb posts.  Changing POST_MAX_SIZE and UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE in PHP.INI appear to have no effect.

Microsoft Windows Internet Information Server 7, 7.5, 8 and 8.5

The default max upload size must be modified in IIS7, IIS7.5, IIS8, IIS8.5 also. The default cutoff size for IIS7, IIS7.5, IIS8, IIS 8.5 is ~30mb.

The Follow the steps below to modify the “Maximum Allows Content Length (Bytes)” setting in IIS Manager.

  1. Open the IIS manager from administrative tools.
  2. Select your website (or the website that needs large upload capabilities, if you host multiple sites).
  3. Look for the ‘Request Filtering’ icon and open it up.
  4. Once that ‘Request Filtering’ section is open, look to the far right for “Edit Feature Settings”.
  5. Modify the setting : “Maximum Allowed Content Length (Bytes)”.
  • The default value for this field is 30000000 (or 30mb)
  • We recommend setting this value to the same as your MAX PHP upload size as defined in your active PHP.INI file.
    For example:
    To set the max upload size to 100mb, you would enter
    the value of ‘100000000’.

Although the changes should take effect immediately, I have found that restarting the IIS services or the server itself never hurts!  Note: this fix has proven helpful to many, however, Blog Encounters is not responsible for any issues that may arise. Use at your own risk.

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