Black Friday – Not For Family

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This post was originally published on November 19, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 7 years ago.

Black Friday - Not For FamilyBlack Friday Not For Family

Thanksgiving is coming up soon.  This has typically been  holiday for families to get together.  In recent years, it seems that Thanksgiving has become a stressful holiday.  The day before shopping starts for Christmas.  Stores have Christmas decorations up and ready to go.  Well, they have been up since the day after Halloween, some stores even earlier.

I can remember many years ago when Thanksgiving decorations were up in all stores after Halloween.  When did they start skipping Thanksgiving?  Stores are ready for Black Friday and advertising for it the day after Halloween. I noticed last year that some stores were even opened in the evening of Thanksgiving.  I boycotted those stores.  Thanksgiving is a time to spend the whole day with your family and friends!

Many have to travel to see their families.  If they work a store that opens the evening or even day of Thanksgiving, they cannot go visit their family. This makes me sad.  Some cannot travel to see their families because they have to work Black Friday and the story will open at midnight or two in the morning! When you travel to see family, but you have to be back so you can work at the crack of dawn, you would spend more time traveling on the road than seeing your family…

Thanksgiving should be a two day event.  This would help people who have to travel and let the host recover! Black Friday should not exist. It is stressful on the workers and shoppers.  Some people are idiots and think saving $30 is worth hurting someone or loosing sight of what Christmas is really about. I did go out once…  ONCE! I will never go out again on Black Friday.  It is full of crazy people who have little regard for others and especially the workers.

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Black Friday is not for families.  I did see that this year there are many stores that will be open by 6:00 pm on Thanksgiving. How sad.  I will not be supporting these stores at all. This leaves no time for the workers to be with their families.  Thanksgiving has just become another day. Everyone should let the retailers know that Thanksgiving should be for families and not making money. I am afraid that I lack faith in humanity to support this request.

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