Get Out And Vote On November 8th!

November 7, 2016 txg22 0

Get Out And Vote On November 8th! The 2016 U.S. presidential election is upon us and it’s a very significant event!  There are two primary party candidates, Donald Trump (r) and Hillary Clinton (d)…  On [Read More…]


Deplorables Check-In Station

November 6, 2016 txg22 0

Deplorables Check-In Station Definition: Deplorable (adj.) – describes something unfortunate or extremely bad… In September 2016, Hillary Clinton claimed that 1/2 of all Donald Trump supporters were ‘Deplorables’…  The term took off and is now [Read More…]

DIY / How To

Amazing Water Bottle Flip

November 6, 2016 raven 0

Amazing Water Bottle Flip It all started with a Senior Talent Show.  A young showman from North Carolina entertained his peers by his showmanship and talent.  His slow motion walk around the stage to increase [Read More…]



November 6, 2016 raven 0

Supermoon! Perigee is the point at which the moon is in its closest point to Earth. A Supermoon is a full moon in perigee. A full moon is due to the position of the Earth [Read More…]


Arrival Movie – In Theaters 11/11/2016

November 5, 2016 txg22 0

Arrival Movie – In Theaters 11/11/2016 Arrival Movie (2016) – focuses on the Earth’s response to a possible alien invasion.  When mysterious spacecrafts touch down all over the planet, an elite team is assembled to [Read More…]


Area 51

November 5, 2016 raven 0

Area 51 True.  False.  Who knows what is what anymore?  Some know more than the “general public” not because they are smarter, but because of who they come into contact in their daily lives.  I am in contact [Read More…]

Recalls / Safety

Samsung Washing Machine Recall

November 4, 2016 txg22 0

Samsung Washing Machine Recall November 2016:  2.8 million Samsung washing machines sold since early 2011 are being recalled due to an issue where the top of the machine can unexpectedly detach during excessive vibration from [Read More…]

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