To Romo With Love

November 16, 2016 Holland Ray 0

To Romo With Love We the people of America have a lurid and dizzying long affair every weekend in the fall that ends abruptly. In one day, amid rooms that are boiling over with food [Read More…]


Supermoon Hoax

November 13, 2016 raven 0

Supermoon Hoax The upcoming Supermoon is no hoax.  Many think it is a hoax made up to fool them.  Hoax or not, go outside and see for yourself.  November 13-19 2016 will be the Supermoon, [Read More…]


Trump’s Next Move

November 13, 2016 Holland Ray 0

Trump’s Next Move “Thirty Three Percent” –  Of the Clinton supporters will NOT support Trump, I guess that is to say that President elect Trump is not their president.  Unless you live on “Under a [Read More…]


Movie Review – The Boy (2016)

November 10, 2016 txg22 0

Movie Review – The Boy (2016) Summary: The Boy is a horror/mystery movie released in January 2016 (Theaters) and May 2016 (DVD).  It is rated PG-13 and stars Lauren Cohan.  It gets a 3.0 out [Read More…]

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