My Experiences With Weight Loss And Nutrisystem For Men – Month 1

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My Experiences With Weight Loss And Nutrisystem For Men - Month 1 ImageMy Experiences With Weight Loss And
Nutrisystem For Men (Month 1)

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I have struggled with weight for a while now, living by myself fast-food is a common staple in daily life. I also work two jobs, so my eating schedules are rarely ‘set’ at the same times each day. A couple of years ago (2017), I had been given prescription weight loss meds as part of a managed weight loss program offered by my doctors office and decided to try Nutrisystem at the same time.

I had good results, dropping over 60 pounds in about about 8 months… I continued on the meds for about 6 months, but dropped Nutrisystem after about 3 months… I mainly dropped the program because I got tired of eating healthier (sounds silly right?) – I followed the plan with no modifications at all it was Nutrisystem all day, every day. I just ended up missing the foods I was used to. Plus, the cost was a bit much at that time. Since then, all the weight has come back and then some.

Enter 2020: I started my new weight loss journey on January 9th 2020. I no longer have the prescription meds, so this time around, it is all Nutrisystem and lifestyle adjustments. Outlined below are my first month journal entries… I am sharing this because I’m sure there are plenty out there like me who are curious as to whether this can work and if you can actually still enjoy your favorites here and there mixed with the Nutrisystem foods as the main food sources.

First a few stats…

  • Male | Age: 44 | Height: 5’11”
  • Frame: Large Frame (commonly asked if I play sports… I do not!)
  • Starting 1st Weigh-In Weight: 314lbs (January 2nd 2020)

Nutrisystem Shaker Bottle ImageThe Nutrisystem goods were ordered and arrived approximately 8 days after ordering. The cost was around $375.00 for the first month, which consisted of the foods I had chosen. I had also added the full month of probiotic shakes (versus the 7 days included) and I added the Nutrisystem For Men vitamins, since I was almost out of my regular ones. I also opted for the shake shaker, since it was on sale (BTW, this thing is great, mixes the shakes nicely!). If you don’t get everything I got, it will be cheaper (around $300/mo).

OK, so something I should mention… I am a picky eater and absolutely DO NOT like salads. Keto is not going to work for me, I like breads, pastas and treats too much 🙂 You will notice on the daily menus I have below, many of the same foods do repeat and I randomly drift off the plan with my favorite foods here and there, still getting my fast food fix in! I also improvise on the Nutrisystem meals, adding canned veggies and such to make them more of meal as some portions are quite small compared to what I’m used to. This is really helping as I feel like I’m not being deprived of what I would normally eat. I’m sure this also confuses my metabolism, which is a good thing when you are trying to lose weight (See also: diet plateau).

Tools I used along the way:

  • Nutrisystem – Food delivered to my door for a month (breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2x snacks per day) – the plan covers 5 days a week, the other two days you can do your own thing. In my case since I sub foods out here and there, I have extras left that I use for the 2 days off. To get your Nutrisystem order going and to save $30 off your first order use our link :
  • MyFitnessPal – Smartphone app, free (with ads). Tracks daily caloric intake and other daily intakes, such as protein, carbs, potassium, vitamin C, etc. Check your app store for this download.
  • Samsung Health – Android phone app to track steps, etc.
    (If you don’t have a Samsung phone, there are plenty of free apps for all devices).

  • Renpho Bluetooth Scale – Tracks my weight, BMI and body fat daily via app on smartphone.  This was a pretty neat (and cheap) scale that works very well, with a 400 lb capacity… The one I have is the lower cost one on the left, but there are other versions available, such as the white colored one, the upgraded version of mine (with rectangular pads vs circular) and the last one which is USB rechargeable (vs the others which use regular batteries). See the link(s) below to get yourself one!


These are stock photos of the Nutrisystem items you’ll see listed on my daily menus. These are provided as reference only.

Vegetarian Chili Image
Vegetarian Chili
Vanilla Shortbread Cookies Image
Vanilla SB Cookies
Turkey Sausage Egg Muffin Image
Trky Saus Egg Muffin
Turkey Mac N Cheese Image
Turkey Mac N Cheese
Toffee Cookies Image
Toffee Cookies
Strawberry Yogurt Bar Image
Strawberry Yogurt Bar
Smores Pie Image
Smores Pie
Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar Image
Sea Salt Dark Choc Bar
Red Beans & Rice Image
Red Beans & Rice
Ravioli Image
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie Image
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie
Popcorn Snack Image
Popcorn Snack
Pepperoni Pizza Melt Image
Pepperoni Pizza Melt
Pasta Fagioli Image
Pasta Fagioli
Assorted Muffins Image
Assorted Muffins
Meatball Melt Image
Meatball Melt
Loaded Potatoes Image
Loaded Potatoes
Lemon Cookie Image
Lemon Cookie
Lasagna Image
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Image
Grilled Chkn Sandwich
Flakes Cereal Image
Flakes Cereal
Double Chocolate Bar Image
Double Choc Bar
Chocolate Peanut Bar Image
Choc Peanut Bar
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Image
Choc Chunk Cookie
Chicken Parmesan Image
Chicken Parmesan
Turkey & Stuffing Image
Turkey & Stuffing
Chicken Mozzarella Melt Image
Chkn Mozzarella Melt
BBQ Chicken Melt Image
BBQ Chicken Melt
Chicken Enchilada Image
Chkn Enchilada
Chicken Brocolli Rice Image
Chkn Broc Rice
Butterscotch Cake Image
Butterscotch Cake
Caramel Salted Protein Puffs Image
Caramel Pro Puffs
Coconut Almond Bar Image
Coconut Almond Bar
Cheese Puffs Image
Cheese Puffs
Beef Stew Image
Beef Stew
Baked Cholocate Chip Bar Image
Baked Chip Bar
Broccoli Rice Image
Broccoli Rice
BBQ Chicken Pouch Image
BBQ Chicken Pouch
Three Cheese Chicken Pasta Image
Three Cheese Chicken
Chocolate Brownie Bar Image
Choc Brownie Bar
Vanilla Shake Mix Image
Vanilla Shake
Vitamins Image


The following were also purchased seperately from my local grocery store. These are used for supplimental additions and mods to foods. For example, I add canned veggies to Nutrisystem dinners, have fruit cups, apples or bananas for snacks, enjoy a baked potato with butter and shredded cheese, have bacon, eggs and toast once in a while, sip some cran-raspberry (diet) in place of water and I add a slice of cheese to my breakfast muffin and grilled chicken sandwiches. If I ever get super hungry in between meals or later in the evening, I’ll get a bowl of bran flakes. These are just what I do – they are all optional and certainly not required for the Nutrisystem plans! The brands shown below are the ones I chose to use, but generics and other brands would be fine also.

Del Monte Sliced Carrots Image
Sliced Carrots
Country Crock Butter Image
Green Giant Steam Crisp Corn Image
Stream Crisp Corn
Cran-Raspberry Juice Image
12 Pack Eggs Image
Mandarin Oranges Image
Mandarin Oranges
Cherry Mixed Fruit Image
Cherry Mixed Fruit
Apples Image
Del Monte French Style Green Beans Image
Green Beans
Sharp Cheddar Cheese Shredded Image
Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Bran Flakes Image
Bran Flakes
Bananas Image
Precooked Bacon Image
Precooked Bacon
Whole Wheat Bread Image
Whole Wheat Bread
Baked Potato Image
Baked Potato
Snack Packs Image
Snack Packs
Sweet Peas Image
Sweet Peas
Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa K-Cup Image
Swiss Miss K-Cup
White American Cheese Slices Image
Cheese Slices
Milk Image
Peanut Butter Image
Peanut Butter

Blog Encounters Multipage ArticleThis is a longer article, it has been broken in
to multiple pages for ease of reading.

You are on page 1/3

Page 2 (Menu Days 1-15)
Page 3 (Menu Days 16-30, Closing Notes)

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