Why I’m Only Giving My Children 4 Gifts This Christmas

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This post was originally published on December 5, 2016
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Why I'm Only Giving My Children 4 Gifts This ChristmasWhy I’m Only Giving My Children 4 Gifts This Christmas

You must think I’m crazy, but am I?  Really?  Christmas time is a source of stress for many families, especially where money and gifts are concerned.  Everyone is stressing about how to make room in their budgets for gifts.  When you think about those you want to have gifts for: friends, family, your kid’s friends and then factor in gifts for the office: White Elephant, Secret Santa, gift exchanges and foods, the total bill for gifts can really rack up!

Even if budgeting and money is not an issue for you, having a 4 gift rule for Christmas is still not a bad idea!  Think about this – when you give your child a mountain of gifts, are they really appreciated?  Aside from that, here is what really got me to consider and ultimately decide to go through with the tradition of the 4 gift Christmas…  How do you explain to a child why Santa brings so many gifts to some children and none to others?  The disproportionate amount of gifts received by children across all different income levels is staggering.  One child may get a horde of 15-20 presents, while another child who’s parents are struggling financially may only get 1 or 2, some may even get nothing at all.

The 4 gift Christmas is meant to teach appreciation, and the reason for the season.  It is not about how many gifts you receive, but about the thought behind them, and being together as a family.

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What are the guidelines for a 4 gift Christmas? 4 gifts, that is it!

  • 1- Something they want
  • 2- Something they need
  • 3- Something to wear
  • 4- Something to read

Christmas really can be that simple!  My plan is to continue the tradition of the 4 gift Christmas, along with 1 “Santa gift” for each child that will be left unwrapped under the tree after they go to bed on Christmas eve.  I feel that this will teach my children to truly appreciate the things that they are given, as well as appreciate the family time we have together during the holiday season.  What are your thoughts?  Share in the comments below!

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