Charter Schools Failing?

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This post was originally published on November 18, 2016
The latest update to this post was made 7 years ago.

Charter Schools Failing?Charter Schools Failing?

Charter schools have been around for several years.  At first, the educational community was reluctant to accept them as being “real” schools.  As the pressure from parents became stronger, many school districts and state education agencies embraced Charter schools.  Many public schools looked at Charter schools as a way to rid their halls of disruptive students.

Charter schools are run by and like a business. They hire who they want.  The teachers do not necessarily have to hold teaching credentials. Charter schools boast that their teachers have real work experience.  That sometimes equates to they cannot teach.  Students are often treated like clients and not learners. Parents are kept happy by passing students.

A Sad reality? Most Charter school students fall behind their public and private school counterparts.  Most graduate with honors from the Charter school, but cannot get accepted into college. Pleasing parents often leaves the students with a sub par education.

The most frightening is that the U.S. government has spent billions supporting Charter schools with no accountability.  Public schools are held accountable with standardized testing and they are chastised when they do not perform to a certain percentage.  Some teachers are removed from teaching if their students do not perform well.  Charter schools have no accountability at all. They are not required to test their students.  Are you confused yet?

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Charter schools need to be held to the same standards as all education.  This and only this will ensure the success of all students.  The Charter schools need to only hire qualified teachers with teaching degrees!  Charter schools are there to make money and not teach.  Parents beware before you send you child to a Charter school.  Are your kids in a Charter school right now?  Comment below and let us know your experience!

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