90 Day Fiancé, What A Scam!

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This post was originally published on November 22, 2016
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90 Day Fiancé, What A Scam!90 Day Fiancé, What A Scam!

A K-1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa for a foreign citizen fiancé of a United States citizen to come to the United States to marry their U.S. citizen fiancé.  TLC television has a show called 90-Day Fiancé.  In the show, these people agree to have their 90 days filmed of them bringing their intended to the United States to marry.

This is the fourth season of the show.  There are even more questionable couples in this season.  The one thing I like about the show is that they do updates on the couples.  Some have split (big surprise!), but they did not annul the marriage, they divorced them.  If they annul the marriage, the foreign partner must leave the United States.  If they just divorce, they get to stay.

Not a bad deal if you are the foreign partner wanting to come to the United States.  What is sad is when the other partner thinks the love is real.  That is really sad.  It is not just the women that are taken advantage of it is also U.S. men.

The Couples:

Russ and Paola from season 1 are going through issues just like that.  Paola always stated from the beginning that she wanted to come to the United States to be a model.  That should have been Russ’s first clue.  The couple is now separated…  Surprise.

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Another couple, from season 2, Danielle and Mohamed, was a train wreck from the start.  He wouldn’t even kiss her when they got married.  How can someone be so stupid?  She was lonely and taken advantage of by a nasty man who wanted to come to the United States.  Danielle started annulment proceedings, but was tricked by Mohamed.  He told Danielle that they would still be friends.  What a way to be taken advantage of… by being lied to by a man you still love.  Danielle loves him and it is sad.

The most turbulent relationship is in season 4.  Jorge and Anfisa.  Anfisa is from Russia and has said all along she is only with Jorge for his money.  Jorge is an idiot.  Anfisa has wiped his phone several times, demands gifts, demands his time, demands different cars, and demands different places to live and she keyed his car.  Anfisa did all these things because she was mad at Jorge.  She is extremely immature and acts like a high school girl.  During the reunion shows, all the other couples even called her out.  Guess what, Jorge; she will leave you in six months.  Surprise!

The new season will bring a new group of fiancé trying to get married and we get to see who is still together from former seasons.  If you are looking for some good TV to scream at, give 90-Day Fiancé a try!

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